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You can give pets CBD, but what about THC and other cannabinoids?


Veterinarians have been advising pet owners on CBD, but what about THC and other cannabinoids?

With all the widespread and sometimes conflicting medical news on the use of cannabis for pets, having a trustworthy source of information is important.

Thankfully, we now have one.

A website that doubles as an educational portal was launched recently by the Veterinary Cannabis Society (VCS) for veterinarians as well as pet owners, and cannabis product businesses. This follows years of the exploding popularity of cannabidiol use for pets, as it’s shown promise in helping treat many ailments naturally: from cancer to anxiety in pets, while helping relieve arthritis, pains, and other illnesses that affect them in old age. But despite this, there are still many questionable claims, uses, and products out there.

This is especially challenging in certain states where veterinarians aren’t even allowed to legally discuss the use of CBD with pet owners.

“Veterinarians today struggle to discuss cannabis with pet parents, as they either lack the knowledge or want to avoid potential legal implications,” explains Dr. Trina Hazzah, VCS President and Co-Founder. “No veterinarian should have to risk their license or livelihood simply because they are trying to do what is right for their patient.”

In addition, VCS says that 68% of veterinarians won’t share advice on cannabis use with pet owners simply because they don’t have the knowledge to do so. That’s also why the VCS was launched last year – to bridge the education gap when it comes to the correct use of cannabis for sick animals. Members of the VCS will now be able to enjoy access to general information on its use while taking advantage of many educational resources available including reviewed articles, podcasts, a research library, presentations, and videos.

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Published: December 03, 2021

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