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What will ‘bud’ look like under the Biden administration?

President Donald Trump’s term has come to a fateful end. Now, some are wondering what an America under Joe Biden’s administration will look like. He’s got a lot on his plate: from addressing recent acts of insurgency to climate change and health care. However, many in the cannabis community are thinking about what his presidential victory means for the future of cannabis, now that Trump’s anti-pot stance ends.

David Downs is the California bureau chief and a senior editor for the cannabis website He joined us to give a look at whether a pro-weed mindset is expected under the 46th president or if that previous position will continue.

KCRW: When it comes to weed, Trump’s record isn’t as clear as his positions on things like immigration or even public health. But his cabinet members like anti-drug warrior Jeff Sessions, set a pretty clear tone. What kind of impact did this presidency have on cannabis reform?

David Downs: “Yeah, we saw the president say he was kind of a states rights guy, but his Republicans in Capitol Hill marched lockstep, stymieing cannabis law reform for the last four years. So there’s this perception among some of his supporters that Trump is okay with marijuana.

The reality is that Senate Majority Leader or then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell went out of his way, along with other of his colleagues, to make sure that research and other aspects of marijuana law reform did not advance over the last four years.”

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Published: January 22, 2021

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