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TikTok users are easing their weed-induced anxiety by chewing peppercorns and drinking lemon juice — and it’s based on real science

Black peppercorns and cinnamon both contain the terpene caryophyllene.   Cathy Scola/Getty Images
  • TikTok users are chewing peppercorns and drinking lemon juice to counteract weed-induced paranoia.
  • Black pepper, lemons, and cannabis all contain compounds called terpenes.
  • Terpenes can affect the high you feel from cannabis, and some may be able to calm you down.

Anyone who’s gotten too high knows that the pursuit of stoned bliss can quickly detour into paranoia. For those who have wondered if there’s an off switch for getting too high, TikTok has an answer: black peppercorns.

Chewing whole peppercorns or taking a whiff of ground pepper can reduce the paranoia and anxiety that sometimes come with getting high, TikTok user transstrender explained in a video.

Eating lemons or drinking lemon juice can have a similar effect, they added. When ingested, the lemon or pepper reacts with the cannabis in your system to create an effect that’s “basically like CBD” — in other words, it mellows you out.

This hack for beating weed-induced anxiety is actually backed up by science, and it’s likely been around a lot longer than TikTok. According to one review in the British Journal of Pharmacology, humans may have been using a peppery brew to combat the effects of cannabis as early as the first century.

So how can black pepper soothe your paranoia? It all comes down to one thing peppercorns, lemons, and cannabis share: terpenes.

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Published: May 12, 2021

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