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These 10 weed memes prove that marijuana and pop culture are a perfect pair


Beware of the Reefer Madness!

The origin of 4/20 as a symbol for weed is something of a meme in itself. Or, at least it is in the sense that nobody really knows where it came from but society has completely picked it up and ran with it. Some say it’s the police radio code for marijuana. Others say there was a group of California teenagers from San Rafael High School in the 1970s who would meet up at 4:20pm to smoke the devil’s lettuce. Either way, the name has stuck, and with it, the beautiful de facto holiday that is April 20.

Marijuana has always lent itself well to popular culture, whether you’re referencing the beautiful film known as Friday or going for a deep cut and tipping a hat to the hilarious propaganda film called Reefer Madness. And with legalization catching fire across the country, you can now toke up in 16 states (and D.C!) recreationally.

Whether you’re partaking in a joint, or just looking to acknowledge the day’s customs, there are plenty of weed memes to keep your giggles rolling. Blaze it. Legalize it. Meme it. Celebrate as you wish. Just do so responsibly from the depths of your couch.

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Published: April 21, 2021

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