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The Smartest Weed Bong Launches At The Worst Possible Time


Coronavirus marketing 101: Don’t remind us of the currently impossible.


This post is part of our High-tech High series, which explores weed innovations, and our cultural relationship with cannabis, as legalization in several U.S. states, Canada, and Uruguay moves the market further out of the shadows.

There may, somewhere in world history, be a more ironic moment to launch a product named “Roam” than during a pandemic that has most of your customer base confined to their homes. But I’m struggling to think of one. (Maybe during the fall of ancient Rome?)

And while marijuana products in legal states and countries are moving faster than ever in this anxious age, with good reason, much of that growth is going into edibles. (Just ask my local socially-distancing  dispensary, where any item you eat or drink is frequently sold out.) To continue to smoke or vape, given COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, is a thing that attacks the lungs? Or to quit, at least temporarily, and thus best preserve them? This question taxes the mind of many a stoner right now.

Grenco Science, makers of vaporization devices including the G Pen, soldiered on regardless. The company had a battle plan for its high-tech $250 handheld concentrate bong, the Roam. The plan involved bringing the product out April 1, in time for 420 — once considered among the year’s biggest celebrations, now more of a “maybe we’ll risk being 6 ft away from a joint?” abstraction — its marketing replete with models using the device in front of French and Spanish landmarks.

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Published: April 01, 2020

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