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The Puffco Peak Smart Rig: Handheld Exuberance

Los Angeles-based vaporizing innovator Puffco was established in 2013.PHOTO COURTESY: PUFFCO

Initially, I was not going to cover the “dabbing” genre of the cannabis industry. Over the holidays, I had received quite a few ultra high-end cannabis electronic-dabbing rigs. Some actually made me physically sick, as they were far too powerful for me. I think that many of these electronic dab rigs were designed for millennials who want to get as ‘ripped’ as possible by using the smallest amount of extraordinarily expensive concentrate. They also want this experience to happen as quickly as possible. Many of these pricey devices are designed for youth-driven enthusiasts who demand the greatest experience for their ultra-luxury dabbing materials.

But first, what are these concentrates, and why are they so potent? The best way to explain this phenomenon is to examine the technology for dabbing itself. Before today’s electronics and microprocessors ruled the roost, the cannabis concentrate enthusiast would be forced to engage in dabbing activity by using a dangerously hot blow-torch while using their iPhone as a crude timer. This is known as “low temperature dabs.” To me, this is way too complicated, and because I am of a ‘certain-age’ I remember the late-comedian Richard Pryor. He had a run-in with a blow-torch, and the end result was not pretty. I’ve always perceived dabbing in much the same manner. Why would you want to put a blow-torch by your delicate facial skin or hair? That stuff really frightens me, and it should scare you, too!

Then, I was introduced to the Puffco Peak. It opened my mind…by allowing me the honor of taking it slow. Slow? Yes, like eating spicy Thai food, you will want to start slowly. The Puffco Peak is elegance in motion with regard to its utter simplicity and flavor retention.

Concentrates are derived from the cannabis flower, with the oil or wax created by pressure or heat, or pressure and heat together. The concentrates that are used for dabbing are placed against a high heat-source. This is commonly known as an ‘e-nail’ when the source is electrically heated, instead of delivered by flame. Remember, the burning propane flame is dangerous— this kind of high-pressure flame is not your friend, so you should not trust any open flame. A closed system is far safer and much more predictable for the end-result of heat-driven combustion. Timing is everything, as learned by the application of an iPhone timer, in the newly discovered, low-temperature dabbing techniques of today. There are just too many variables against safety when utilizing a flame-driven system.

Puffco Peak in motion.PHOTO COURTESY: PUFFCO

As a chef, I can tell you that time and temperature means the place between wasteful behavior and oft- flawed, overconfidence. There is no reason to burn vast quantities of extraordinarily expensive concentrates in a glass vessel that is heated well beyond what is safe for your body, and what can really ruin your entire day by overindulging (as I’ve done before, unfortunately). But again, I’m getting ahead of the premise of this review….

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Published: February 21, 2019
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