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The Game Debuts New Weed Strain Named After Lebron James

During the NBA Finals, the classic Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James GOAT debate boiled to a fever pitch. MJ fans pointed to the rings. Lebron loyalists highlighted his insane stats. They also talked about how much he’s accomplished with a much less supportive team than MJ’s classic Bulls lineup. But there could be a new twist to the debate, as popular rapper The Game debuts a new weed strain named after Lebron James.

The Game’s Lebron-Inspired Strain

The Game just shared some interesting news via Instagram. Yesterday, he revealed a brand new strain. But this isn’t just any strain. This is a brand new, exclusive, Lebron James-inspired marijuana strain.

According to The Game’s Insta post, he’s calling the new strain “LA” Bron James. Apparently, the strain’s name has a couple of key meanings. Obviously, it’s a play on Lebron’s name. But the fact that The Game spelled it with “LA” is the real kicker.

In the wake of the Cavs’ 4-0 loss to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, there’s been a lot of talk about Lebron leaving Cleveland. As a result, teams around the country are trying to woo the star. That includes the LA Lakers.

The Game said he came up with the new strain as a way to honor Lebron and Los Angeles. Beyond that, it’s also an attempt to persuade Lebron to join the Lakers. Here’s how The Game explained it: “A strain inspired by my city & them trying to bring King James to the LAKESHOW.”

So far, there haven’t been very many details released about the new strain. For example, it’s unclear if this is a sativa, indica, or hybrid. Similarly, The Game hasn’t said anything about the breeding process, and he hasn’t said which strains were used to create this one.

But in the picture he posted to Instagram, the buds definitely have a lot of purplein them. So it’s pretty obvious that some sort of purple strain was a key component in the creation of “LA” Bron James.

The Game Debuts New Weed Strain Named After Lebron James

So far, the only real detail that has been provided is when people will be able to start buying the strain. The Game announced that it will hit dispensaries on July 4. He also added that it will be available to people lucky enough to make it into his Fourth of July party.

This is the latest cannabis-related move by The Game, who has been in the legal marijuana industry for some time now. His cannabis company is called Trees By Game. The company has released a variety of cannabis products. One of the most notable was a line of THC-infused lemonades. The drinkables are called G Drinks.

Along with The Game, there have been a number of other high-profile rappers who have moved into legal marijuana. Of course, Snoop Dogg has been a longtime player. He’s even gotten involved with ventures in Canada. Similarly, Wiz Khalifa has a strong marijuana company. He’s produced a line of his own strains and other cannabis products. Freddie Gibbs has developed a strain called Freddie Kane OG.

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Published: June 15, 2018

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