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The Future of Cannabis Media is Female

Tera Patrick, adult film star and apparent marijuana enthusiast, smiles coyly out from the cover of the August 2008 issue of High Times, a “sex, nugs and rock ‘n’ roll special,” with a pile of bud strategically placed in front of her bikini-clad cleavage.

On this cover, Patrick epitomizes the archetype that women in weed have pointed to, again and again, as an example of the sexy, sexist specter they’ve been working to exorcise for years. In the brave new world of legal cannabis, women are insisting that their place is in the boardroom or out in the grow, not behind the booth.

The women at the helm of the buzziest new cannabis media entities are no exception — and in their roles as editors, they can set their own agenda for how women are portrayed in cannabis media. In the last three years alone, new publications Miss GrassGossamerMJ Lifestyle, Dope Girls ZineEstroHaze and Broccoli have launched, boasting women at the top of the masthead.

“It quickly kind of dawned on us that women really weren’t being properly represented in the space, and it was really hard for real women to get any information on cannabis other than, ‘bongs and thongs,’” says Jennifer Skog, founder and editor in chief at MJ Lifestyle.

Skog says she first noticed this disparity when she began working with cannabis brands as a photographer, and that’s what inspired her to found (and fund) a print magazine of her own. Now, MJ Lifestyle is working on its third issue, which Skog says will focus on movers and shakers in the world of cannabis policy.

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Published: July 29, 2019

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