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The Cannabis Deserts of California

Millions of Californians Cut Off from Legal Cannabis Market As Cities Sue State to Further Stall Access in Cannabis Deserts


California is the legal cannabis capital of the world,  yet nearly 18 million Californians live in cannabis deserts, or regions cut off from the legal cannabis market.

The NorCal Cannabis Company–one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis operations in California–mapped out those deserts and found that only 14 out of 58 counties–and 82 out of 484 municipalities–have laws that allow retail cannabis storefronts. The rest of the state’s population lives in localities that ban commercial cannabis activity.


Cities File Suit: Interpreting Prop 64

In an effort to address this scarcity–and the law set forth by Proposition 64–California regulators ruled to allow cannabis home deliveries statewide. The regulation permits state-licensed firms to deliver cannabis in cities that have banned retail cannabis operations, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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Published: April 25, 2019






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