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The Best Weed Left in California

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Here are 12 exceptional cultivators who have survived the insanity of California’s new cannabis regulations and continue to produce top-shelf cannabis.

As the regulatory tailspin continues following the beginning of marijuana sales to all adults over the age of 21 in California on Jan. 1, the fires forging the new industry have burnt many longtime producers out of existence. Many of those producers were among the best in the world at producing fantastic cannabis, both indoor and outdoor.

There have been varying reasons for farms closing. People will obviously point to Prop 64 as a catalyst, but we must remember that sweeping changes were coming to California’s medical marijuana industry no matter what happened on election night 2016. Some would argue the merging of Prop 64 and the state’s medical plan is where it all went south. Farmers had worked to get certain protections included in the law to prevent mega farms from consolidating the market in state’s medical plan, but they didn’t survive the merger with Prop 64. Also, a lack of municipalities choosing to partake in the world’s fastest growing industry hasn’t helped. In reality, it’s most likely a collection of multiple forces that have made it increasingly difficult to legally cultivate cannabis in California.

But today, we’ll celebrate many of the best folks who are still making it happen. These are a few cultivators who emerged with the accolades of the era of medical marijuana and also happened to pull off dual licensing with their city and state. No matter their politics on Prop 64, this is a spread of folks who saw the writing on the wall after 2010 and during the following wave of cannabis reform. We’re thankful they’re still around.

This is not the definitive list of great pot in California, but instead, this list was inspired by the same quality and community-driven ethos that we used to predict the Emerald Cup runner-up and Breeder’s Cup winner Rozé, as well as the Humboldt Cup runner-up Goyard last fall. As we stop and look at the landscape of producers fully online, this is our gut reaction about who is at the top of the pack in California right now.

Fig Farms

Banana Fig #8 is without a doubt the real deal, but anything you can get your hands on by this team of fantastic cultivators will be worth it. They also do insane deals at events if you can manage to find them in the flesh.

Alien Labs

The pride of Sacramento cannabis over the past few years, Alien Labs has had zero gaps in providing the masses with their fantastic spread of strains. After sweeping every category at the Central Valley Cannabis Cup, if you find yourself in a situation to get Wedding Cake or Melonade, you won’t be able to wait long.

Jungle Boys

Best Los Angeles dispensary for pure cannabis hype and not just a good PR team? That’s almost certainly the storefront created by the Jungle Boys. As the Jungle Boys continue to pop seeds in their massive propagation projects, new exciting heat is emerging regularly. We recently had the opportunity to sample their new Cherry Dosidos cut, and we were brought to tears as it jumped out the jar and up our nostrils.

Connected Cannabis Co.

The official home of the Cookie Fam’s best cuts, Connected has blown up. Easily the decade’s most famous lineage of good genetics, this year Gelato #41 is the heater of the moment, but we’re impartial to the Lemon Pound Cake and Smarties too. The Smarties seems to consistently hit 30% THC.

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Published: July 28, 2018

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