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The 23andMe of Cannabis Tailors Strains to Your Exact DNA Profile


EndoCanna Health goes way beyond the “indica or sativa” situation

Let’s set a familiar scene: while hanging out with friends a joint gets passed around. Why not get a little fuzzy? Calm, euphoria and relaxation ensue — no wonder California made this stuff legal! — and the rest of the day is a lovely haze. Those anti-drug campaigns couldn’t have been more wrong; marijuana is a welcome addition to your life!

Unless … it doesn’t go down like that. Because for some people, it’s a nightmare instead of a daydream. The paranoia and anxiety set in, every bad thing that’s ever happened comes rushing into your brain. You’re too anxious to be around other people and head home to lie in the dark and stare uneasily at the ceiling until it passes. Why does this happen?

EndoCanna Health knows the answer, and they want to help you understand it, too. Not by looking at weed itself, but working backward and looking inward: at your DNA. Named after the endocannabinoid system, which research shows functions as a sort of “universal regulator” maintaining homeostasis between all of the body’s other systems, their emphasis on personalized results helps consumers avoid uncomfortable or unreactive experiences with marijuana.

Solving that anxiety problem — and plenty of other cannabis-related concerns — is exactly what EndoCanna has set out to do. Their DNA testing kit, available for a cool $199, gives a rundown of everything in the user’s genetic makeup that might cause an adverse reaction, along with the potential upsides of using weed medicinally. Using weed proactively for preventative care and to disrupt America’s for-profit healthcare system is part of EndoCanna’s mission, and part of their appeal.

Operating similarly to DNA tests like 23andMe or AncestryDNA, which use their results to focus on genealogy, EndoCanna’s test highlights certain genetic predispositions that might interact with cannabinoids, or cannabis compounds. (The two most common cannabinoids are THC, a psychoactive chemical, and CBD, an anti-psychoactive compound that moderates the “high” caused by THC.)

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Published: April 23, 2021

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