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Temple 420, a cannabis sanctuary, allegedly censored on social media after Joe Rogan posts Freedom speech to Twitter

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The only known church Joe Rogan attended as an adult suddenly experienced censorship after he posted a Freedom video to Twitter. “Joe was at the physical Temple twice before attending the very first service with Eddie Bravo and Kevin Booth,” said founder Craig X Rubin. “Having only 23 followers on YouTube we didn’t expect to be censored. We’re not sure if it has something to do with us mentioning Joe, or just a sign of the times.”

Temple 420 -Tucker Carlson
Once, 15 years ago, was the fastest growing religious institution in the United States, yet when they were shut down not one group stood up to defend their rights despite Rubin pleading for help. “I explained that if others wouldn’t help us that eventually their churches would be shut down too, which recently happened during the pandemic. Now, it seems that Joe Rogan is one of the few voices screaming for freedom in America.”

“I am proud that such a leader for freedom attended my first ever sermon,” finished Rubin. “I am not saying anything that others are not saying.” Yet Temple420org is being censored. “I think if you can’t buy or sell without permission that is the Biblical Mark of the Beast. Watching Mark Dice videos on YouTube is scary. Why are they censoring our temple?”

In 2006, a long-time pot activist, actor and recent Jewish convert to Christianity opened America’s first pro-cannabis church in the US mainland, Temple 420. It was featured in films and magazines globally. Two weeks after opening a physical location Rubin was arrested but refused to stop practicing his religion that included selling medical cannabis. The police refused to arrest him again and the judge did not revoke his bail despite Temple 420 being, “featured on the front page of the newspaper,” according to the prosecutor and the newspaper he held up in court.

The landlord was threatened, “Evict the Temple or lose your property,” according to Rubin, known for selling bongs to Brad Pitt. He was eventually given nearly 20 years for selling 3 grams of marijuana to an undercover police officer who was legally able to use medical marijuana. “During the two weeks we were actually legally open our church was visited by many celebrities.”

Rubin hinted that Hollywood attention may have led to the church being closed, “Within the first two weeks of being open A-lister, Esai Morales, attended a wedding. Doug Benson filmed ‘Super High Me.’ Eva Longoria, Ahmed Ahmed, Ron Jeremy and other B-rated celebs popped in too, probably because of our location on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.”

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Published: October 07, 2021

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