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Surprising Benefits of Hemp Products to Pets

Hemp products usually refer to products derived from marijuana or cannabis plants. The products sold by dispensaries usually have a ratio of high CBD content to 0.3 percent of THC. This is because THC contains the “psychoactive” component of cannabis that causes the “high” sensation for those who partake in the consumption of marijuana. The legality of hemp in the United States is a little hazy because of the different stance of the states and the recent amendment of the Federal law about hemp. But there is a relative consensus that the procurement of these products should be from reputable and licensed suppliers. 

The consumption of hemp products, popularly CBD oil, of pets is one of the heated discussions among veterinary experts. Because of limited research done in this particular field the uncertainty is justified. Even with the uncertainty, a number of vets have also claimed a number of benefits of hemp products for your pet. The safety of the products should be paramount,  that is why Innovet Pet’s CBD oil pet products focuses on being a reputable and a premier supplier for your pet’s needs. Embracing the holistic treatment and supplementation for your pet’s wellness is new but has shown promising results from those who have used it.

Here are some benefits that your pets may get from Hemp products:

It reduces anxiety among pets and humans

Hemp products have widely shown to reduce anxiety among humans and this has also been seen among animals as well. If your pets have phobias or are suffering from anxiety, hemp products like CBD oil mixed with their food can help ameliorate their condition.

Natural antiemetic

Pets have the tendency to vomit caused by nausea or by their medication. Using hemp products can help control vomiting as well as it can improve their appetite. This is because hemp can vitalize the 5-HT1A receptors that curtail anxiety. This will help them relax and reduce their nauseous tendencies.

Natural painkiller

There has been a recent rise in the interest in using hemp products as painkiller drugs. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties that hemp has. If your pets are suffering from pain, including neuropathy or general inflammation, the use of hemp products can help them

Can help fight cancer

CBD has indicated results that it can improve immunity and is able to kill cancer cells. Pets also often develop cancers and hemp products help kill cancer cells in tumors that can be fatal for your beloved pets.

It is an anticonvulsant

Hemp products have been used to mitigate seizures, tremors, and spasms. These symptoms are not only displayed by humans, but it is also prevalent in animals as well. Conventional medicine for pets can also be harmful to their liver and kidney but hemp is natural and it can reduce the seizure frequency absent the harmful side effects of other drugs.

Reduces inflammation and bowel disorders

CBD has shown to reduce inflammatory cytokines that cause allergies and certain autoimmune diseases. CBD is also effective against colitis and it can promote good digestion and gut motility.

The important thing about using hemp products for pets is learning more about it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to see if using hemp is for you. Vets may have varying answers, but if you make the right inquiries about this method of treatment or supplement you’d know what’ll be best for your loyal companion.

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