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Snoop Dogg hints he smoked weed with Barack Obama in new song ‘Gang Signs’

“I bet you never blew with Obama”

Snoop Dogg has seemingly implied he once smoked marijuana with Barack Obama.

The West Coast icon made the surprise revelation in ‘Gang Signs’, a new track from his latest album ‘From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites’.

Snoop raps on the new track: “Still sippin’ gin and juice while I’m smoking marijuana / I bet you never blew with Obama.

While it remains unclear if Snoop has actually smoked marijuana with the former president, he previously admitted that he has lit up during a visit to the White House.

“Have you ever smoked at the White House?” Jimmy Kimmel asked in 2014 during an appearance on Snoop’s GGN: The Double G News Network.

“Not in the White House — but in the bathroom,” Snoop replied.

“Because I said, ‘May I use the bathroom for a second?’ and they said, ‘What are you going to do? No. 1 or No. 2?’

“I said, ‘No. 2,’” Snoop added. “So I said, ‘Look, when I do the No. 2, I usually, you know, have a cigarette or I light something to get the aroma right,’” Snoop said.

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Published: April 23, 2021

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