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SHERBINSKIS Fairfax Hosts Neighborhood Cleanup To Give Back

Photo Credit: Zaul Zamora

This is one of SHERBINSKIS founder Mario Guzman’s important passion projects. When Mario opened his flagship dispensary SHERBINSKIS on Fairfax, he envisioned ways the community could band together to make the street a better place for the business owners and consumers to shop and eat. So, project “Clean Up Fairfax” brought together a supportive group of like-minded individuals to clean the streets.

Photo Credit: Zaul Zamora

The cleanup remains a significant milestone for SHERBINSKIS and the Fairfax neighborhood. They set a precedent for cannabis dispensaries to act as good stewards, give back, and uplift the communities around them. This subverts preconceived notions and archaic stereotypes about cannabis and strengthens local times with fellow neighboring business and religious and secular organizations as an example for goodwill.

Published: February 27, 2020

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