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Salty edibles to eat on gameday

We all love to munch on a salty snack while we watch a big game, either on our own or with our friends and family. Whether you have a couple of people over for the usual Sunday or Monday night football, or you’re getting ready for a big party to watch the upcoming college football and NFL playoff games, you will want to be equipped with your favorite chips and other salty snacks. 

But wouldn’t it be even better if your favorite game-day snacks could get you high? Well, thanks to TSUMo Snacks, now they can! TSUMo Snacks sells 10mg edible packs in five different flavors that were each thoughtfully crafted to be reminiscent of the most classic salty snacks.

Hint of Lime

These yummy tortilla chips are a basic snack staple with an ever so slight zesty kick. Tortilla chips are one of the most classic snacks to put out on the game day, and this bag will provide an exciting upgrade in flavor without sacrificing the enjoyable simplicity. The modest lime flavor in these chips makes them the perfect complement to the flavor of your favorite guacamole or salsa! But, they’re good enough to eat on their own as well.

Shop Hint of Lime Tortillas

Zesty Ranch

The saltiest of the tortilla chip flavors, these zesty ranch chips are every savory flavor lovers’ dream. With the perfect combination of salt, herbs, and spices to expertly mimic the flavor of ranch dressing, your mouth will be watering as soon as you open the bag. The ranch is such a widely loved flavor of chips, these edibles are the perfect addition to the communal snack table for a group of stoners on game day, but we wouldn’t judge you if you wanted to keep them all for yourself!

Shop Zesty Ranch Tortillas

Fiery Hot

If you prefer your snacks to come with a healthy amount of heat, and if you always reach for the hot chips over the more basic flavors, these Fiery Hot cheese crunchies are perfect for you. This snack is infused with THC and has a flavor that rivals the most popular spicy, salty snacks on the market; but they’re even better because they get you high too! Snack on the Fiery Hot cheese crunchies for some spice while you cheer on your team.

Shop Fiery Hot Cheese Crunchies

Classic Cheese

Who doesn’t love a good, cheesy doodle snack? These cheese puffs infused with THC are a special take on one of the most popular snacks. The cheese puffs by TSUMo Snacks are so simple because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? These bags are jam-packed with cheesy goodness and infused with a pleasantly fair amount of THC. They’re sure to be a favorite of yours and your friends, or whoever else you have over to watch the game.

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Salsa Verde

This is the perfect flavor for you if the Hint of Lime doesn’t pack quite enough of a punch but you find the Fiery Hot flavor to be a little bit too hot. With a unique blend of Mexican spice flavors, these chips have a noticeable kick without being too overwhelming. They are perfect for gameday snacking; pour them in a bowl in front of the TV, or keep them simple and eat them straight out of the bag. Either way, they make for a happy medium of flavors that everyone can enjoy! 

Shop Salsa Verde Tortillas

Final Thoughts

Salty snacks are the perfect food to eat right out of the bag or to put out in a bowl to share with friends and family while you watch the game, but they are even better when you can get high while you eat them! 

TSUMo Snacks makes salty edibles in five different flavors to create a wide variety of the most classic savory snacks so there is something for everybody. With 10mg of THC to a bag, you can put out a sampling of every flavor for your next game day occasion, or you can stock up on your favorites; after you have done some sampling to decide which flavors you like the best, of course!

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