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Redondo Beach retail cannabis initiative makes required signature count

Catalyst Cannabis Co. CEO Elliott Lewis (right) and parent co-founder and attorney Damian A. Martin. Photo by Nathan Avila.

The Redondo Beach retail cannabis initiative has reached the necessary signatures to put it on the ballot next November, pending verification.

The backers have an appointment at 10:30 a.m. Monday with City Clerk Eleanor Manzano.

Damian Martin, Economic Development Reform Coalition of Southern California (EDRCSC) attorney and co-founder, issued a statement Thursday, Dec. 9, saying he will present 6,605 signatures to Manzano, surpassing by nearly 50 percent the 4,795, or 10 percent of registered Redondo Beach voters needed to qualify for the ballot.

“These were the easiest signatures we’ve ever gotten,” said Elliott Lewis, CEO of Catalyst Cannabis Co. of Long Beach, claiming a 70 percent conversion rate. “That’s ridiculously good.”

Catalyst is a major funder of the EDRCSC.

Once the signatures are submitted to the city, they will be counted and sent to Los Angeles County to be verified — matching names with addresses.

“I guess it’s not a surprise,” said City Councilman Todd Loewenstein, of the signature total. “They were out (doing the work). The next step is to put it on the ballot, if that’s the way they want to go. They could decide to work something out with the city.”

The signature gathering this fall was the subject of controversy, as Loewenstein and fellow council member Christian Horvath, among others, accused the professional effort of misrepresenting the initiative. The matter led to a police investigation.

Will L.A. county find any issue with the signatures?

“No. We’ve already verified them, they’re at a 90 percent rate,” Lewis said. “And we got a cushion.”

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Published: December 10, 2021

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