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Redondo Beach Police investigate cannabis signature gathering

Redondo Beach Police Officer Keith Turner supervises the boarding up of Redondo’s Finest, a cannabis dispensary, closure last March. Photo by Kevin Cody

A Redondo Beach Police investigation has been opened regarding signature gatherers for a local cannabis initiative. The action follows statements made Nov. 2 by city council members during an appearance by a representative of the initiative effort.

Councilmen Christian Horvath and Todd Loewenstein told of signature gatherers at their doors who misrepresented the proposal, saying it raised money for police, fire and/or schools.

Horvath later created a form — based on information from the city clerk’s office — where people who signed the initiative can ask to have their names removed.

George M. Yin, attorney for initiative proponent Samuel Nicosia, sent a letter Nov. 9 to City Manager Mike Witzanksy, City Attorney Michael Webb and City Clerk Eleanor Manzano.

He asked to “amicably resolve” a “possible misunderstanding.”

Yin referenced signature gatherers allegedly stopped by Redondo Beach Police who asked them to cease their activity because it was illegal, and/or they did not possess a permit. Yin stated that this is not commercial solicitation but an initiative petition protected by the California Constitution and state law.

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Published: November 24, 2021

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