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Rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner, starts chemo: ‘Ready to power through this 3 months’

‘Shout Out to the Weed’

  • Rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner, 40, announced in October that he had been diagnosed with cancer and that he had a long fight ahead of him. He did not specify the type of cancer or its stage.
  • He posted an update on his second day of chemotherapy, acknowledging that he was experiencing uncomfortable side effects, but also saying that he is determined to fight through.
  • According to Berner, marijuana has helped him manage the nausea caused by his chemotherapy. It’s one of the many tools he’s using to mitigate his side effects.

Some celebrity cancer fighters choose to combat their disease in private. Others find strength in inviting their fans to take the journey with them.

San Francisco-based rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner, 40, has released 19 albums since 2007, and has collaborated with artists like Wiz Khalifa, Camron, YG, Young Thug, Chris Brown, and 2 Chainz. This week, he took to Instagram to share an update on his cancer battle and how he’s getting through chemotherapy.

“Feel a little drained and out of it,” he wrote. “Sleep was really hard to get last night.”

In his post, Berner reported that the chemotherapy side effect that’s really troubling him is his sensitivity to cold temperatures. “Just breathing air outside felt like swallowing razor blades and having a brain freeze at the same dam time,” he wrote. “Same goes for drinking cold or even room temp beverages which sucks cause I love cold drinks.”

Overall, though, Berner projects a positive outlook: “Feeling strong on day 2…Ready to power through this 3 months.”

Marijuana has been a helpful tool for Berner in maintaining his optimism and managing the side effects of his chemotherapy. “Shout out to the weed,” he wrote. “So far every time I feel a little nauseous the weed helps so much, I haven’t even had to take nausea pills yet.”

Medical marijuana can help alleviate pain and decrease inflammation for people with cancer. But how?

Berner’s Cancer Diagnosis

The rapper and founder of Cookies cannabis dispensaries announced via Instagram on October 13 that he was diagnosed with cancer. He didn’t specify the type or stage of his cancer.

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Published: December 23, 2021

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