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Premium Cannabis Brand El Blunto Announces Collaboration with Josh D Farms on their Signature Cannabis Cigar Line

Los Angeles, July 9, 2020 — El Blunto, a subsidiary of Albert Einstone’s (AE), who has established themselves as one of California’s premier cannabis brands is entering into a collaboration with Josh D Farms, the originators of the Los Angeles OG Kush movement. 

El Blunto is available in 200+ dispensaries across California, distributed by Kiva Sales and Services and their footprint is rapidly-expanding. This partnership marks the first strain-specific collaboration for the luxury cannabis brand, who promotes two lines, a gold and a silver, and boasts their products as The World’s Finest Cannabis Experience. 

“We are inspired by industry pioneer Josh Del Rosso who, since 1996, has dedicated himself to exclusively cultivating the OG Kush varietal. The values he prioritizes harmonize with our values at El Blunto: quality, consistency, and reliability,” said Q. Ladraa, CEO of Albert Einstone’s. “Josh D helped to shape west coast cannabis culture and has dominated the Los Angeles cannabis scene for over two decades. We believe this partnership will help further that legacy.” 

Josh D Farms, the award-winning brand behind Los Angeles’s OG Kush movement, was founded by Josh Del Rosso. For over two decades Josh D Farms has exclusively focused on cultivating and refining OG Kush genetics. They have won numerous awards throughout the cannabis industry and are regarded as one of the foremost cultivators in the state. 

“There’s something special about smoking a hand-crafted blunt of OG. Our collaboration with El Blunto compliments each other’s hard work by delivering a smooth, luxurious experience. We’re really excited to get these in the hands of OG lovers.” said Josh Del Rosso. 

The new cannabis cigar line merges El Blunto’s hand-crafted luxury cannabis cigar with Josh D flower and genetics. The cigars contain 1.75 grams of top-shelf Josh D OG cannabis, hand-broken and hand rolled. The cigar is sealed with a house-made plant-based cigar glue, finished with a custom-made glass filter tip and cured for 72 hours before undergoing rigorous quality controls.

About El Blunto 

El Blunto delivers The World’s Finest Cannabis Experience. Born from a passion for craftsmanship and quality, El Blunto is an evolution of historic cigar-making tradition Borrowing age-old techniques from master cigar-rollers, we create products of the highest caliber with the highest level of ‘finishing’. Our flower is grown in-house and sourced from other award winning cultivators throughout California. Our state-of-the- art indoor cultivation facility is located in Downtown Los Angeles. Product lines include: El Blunto Cannabis Cigar, El Blunto Cannabis Cigarillo, El Blunto RYOB (Roll Your Own Blunt) Kit, El Jointo Especial Silver and the Especial Silver Cannabis Jar. El Blunto is owned and operated by Albert Einstone’s (AE), the California-based distribution, cultivation and manufacturing company that produces, develops and distributes products. For more information visit  Follow us on instagram @Alberteinstones

About Josh D Farms Josh Del Rosso, founder and managing director of Josh D Farms, made an early mark on the cannabis scene, being credited as one of the originators of Los Angeles’ OG Kush movement. At the time, hydroponic indoor growing was a rarity in Los Angeles. Del Rosso was among the city’s first cultivators to couple these pristine growing conditions with what would become one of the most famous cannabis varieties in history. For more than two decades, Josh D Farms has focused exclusively in cultivating products using OG Kush genetics and hydroponic horticulture techniques. Now, carrying the legacy of OG Kush over to a new era, Josh D Farms is the hyper- specialist in producing and consulting on the cleanest, clearest, connoisseur-caliber cannabis varietals on the market. For more information, please visit

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