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Nevada’s first cannabis lounge to open Saturday, employees high with excitement

It’s the first for the state. It looks like a bar or brewery, but you can see behind the bar stool, bongs instead of bottles.

It’s Nevada’s first cannabis tasting lounge, and the staff is high on excitement.

While the state hasn’t given the green light on these lounges, NuWu is on sovereign tribal land, and subject to tribal authority. That’s why come Saturday, customers will be able to light up.

“In Nevada, it is the first,” said Alfreda Mitre, a Paiute Tribe Councilwoman. “So we are looking foreword to providing this experience to our customers.”

An experience she says will mirror a craft brewery or wine tasting room. Flights are designed for cannabis connoisseurs to sample products.

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Published: October 03, 2019

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