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Most popular indica live resin strains by night

Cannabis extracts are an artform. It’s a complex, intricate process that perfectly matches the complexity of the plant itself. There is still so much to learn about cannabis and how multiple strains and chemotypes affect people differently. For many connoisseurs, live resin remains the pinnacle of extraction, as it provides such a feast for the senses coupled with medicinal value.

When selecting a live resin cartridge, start by asking what effects you are looking for and when you’ll likely be vaping. Strains of cannabis can be divided into three main groups: sativa, indica, and hybrid (a mix of the two).

While it’s inaccurate to say that a sativa is always for the daytime and indica is always for the nighttime, it can be a helpful place to start when exploring cultivars. Additional factors like terpene profile can largely determine the effects of a particular strain and play into the overall experience.

This blog explores some of the best Indica strains of live resin to alleviate pain, beat insomnia, and provide an excellent overall body high.

Live Resin: Overview

Live resin is an extract made with a freshly cut, living cannabis plant. Typically, when the cannabis flowers reach the peak of harvest, they are cut down and cryogenically frozen to preserve the precious trichomes. The plant’s original terpene profile is maintained by extracting fresh flowers, resulting in a highly flavorful and aromatic smoking experience. Live resin is very true to the flavor essence of the live plant with a high concentration of terpenes.

Some companies like Bloom Brands do things a little differently. They never freeze the flower, but instead, extract it within 24 hours of harvest. This method reduces potential damage to the cannabinoids and terpenes that can happen during drying, curing, freezing, or long-term storage. In doing so, much of the plant’s natural flavor and potency is retained, resulting in live resin cartridges that are bursting with flavor. The entourage effect is beautifully engaged, and the effects are smooth and powerful.

Bloom’s proprietary formula uses a strain fingerprinting technique by breaking down strains at the molecular level and performing a chemical analysis of every profile. This ‘fingerprint’ is then used to recreate each strain profile, providing a terpene profile that is as close to the original strain as possible.

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Published: September 17, 2021

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