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Logan Paul reveals he’s suffering withdrawal symptoms after giving up weed

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Youtuber Logan Paul has spoken out about the withdrawal symptoms he has suffered since he stopped smoking weed.

The social media star turned boxer took to Instagram on January 2 to give followers an insight into his last week of 2021.

Opening up about how he ‘quit smoking weed‘ the day before Christmas, the 26-year-old detailed what he described as ‘by far the hardest week of 2021’.

From ‘loss of appetite, [and] insomnia’ to ‘extreme irritability,’ Paul noted that alongside withdrawal symptoms from marijuana, he also suffered from food poisoning on New Year’s Eve.

He wrote:

Then yesterday on NYE, I got food poisoning (which was odd because all I had was a tiny croissant & a latte in the morning). I threw up 40+ times and spent the evening sweating in bed… AND all the pharmacies were closed so I couldn’t get any medicine.

I was so dehydrated that I begged the only emergency ambulance in the city to hook me up to an IV so I could replenish and go out with my friends. They said it wasn’t possible unless they took me to the hospital.

Paul then explained how he tried to ‘initiate the rally of the century’ by managing to ‘put on [his] suit and go to the party for 10 minutes,’ but that he ended up quickly returning home ‘defeated and disappointed’.

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Published: January 04, 2022

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