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LA Kosher Coffee Shop ‘Supa’ Offers CBD-Enhanced Coffee

Step into the aggressively hip Los Angeles Supa Coffee and there will probably be hip hop playing, hot butter coffee cooling, and food-coloring-free Instagram-friendly layered drinks. Oh, and you can add cannabidiol, or CBD, to whatever you want. Legal in California (and now in Canada), this anxiety-relieving compound commonly found in marijuana is currently being investigated by scientists as a treatment for ailments like psychosis and epilepsy.

As the fight for the legalization of weed reaches a fever pitch around the globe, the Jewish culinary community is following suit, with one of its first kosher CBD offerings. Thus far it’s got a smattering of positive reviews on Yelp, with one user writing, “If you haven’t tried butter and coconut oil in your coffee, give this place a shot!”

Theoretically, it seems like the energizing effect of the coffee would counteract the calming effect of the CBD, but that’s not the case. Designed to make the anxiety-inducing effects of caffeine intake a little smoother, CBD won’t get you high enough to stare blankly at a stop sign for 45 minutes, but it will get you relaxed enough to make it through the rest of your workday painlessly.

Supa is facing up against the corporate behemoth that is Starbucks across the street. Can a calming, energizing, blue hisbiscus infused iced coffee, complete with CBD, compete with your average pumpkin spiced latte?

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Published: October 23, 2018

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