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Introducing Hemper: The Online Glass Shop

The Digital Age is thriving. Slowly but surely, the world is going paperless and moving towards more convenient and eco-friendly ways to shop and do business. From getting statements and bills online, to ordering groceries, clothing, and gifts, you can get just about anything without leaving the comfort of your home.

But what about your favorite rolling papers or smoking supplies? In the past, smokers were confined to the poor selection and high prices of local head shops. But the past is in the past. Today, with the advent of online glass shops such as Hemper, smokers across the nation and around the world can explore the wonderful world of glassware and smoking accessories at home or on the go. 

A first of their kind, Hemper melds world-class service and product selection with incredible value and options in order to bring you the best products on the market delivered straight to your door.

This innovative online glass shop has everything you could need, from monthly staples and supplies, to creative and masterfully designed glassware for any occasion. Created by smokers for smokers, Hemper brings something truly unique to the masses. Read on to learn more about this online glass shop and why we think you should give them a look.

A One-Stop Shop for Virtually Everything 

Bongs? Check.

Brands like GRAV create bongs with the smoker in mind. They offer new and ever-improving features to expand the smoke’s surface against the water. The end result? All of the flavor you could dream of with none of the harsh hot smoke making you cough up a lung. Hemper only stocks from the best brands, so all of their bongs have something special to offer

Dab Rigs & Oil Rigs? Check.

Hemper offers a Rig for every style– and even some for the holidays. Combined with a vast array of percolator styles, it’s a smoker’s dream. Even better? Every rig is made with borosilicate glass, so you don’t have to worry about heat fractures or cracks. Check out oil rigs here.

Dab Nails & Tools? Check

Glitter, carrots, pencils… this might sound like a certain blue big-box retailer. Instead, these are a selection of the style options for your dab tools. You can also find carb cabs in various shapes like aliens and mad scientist heads. Clear glass or colored, dual directional or plain. Bangers and keychain dabbers are also in this category.

Smoking Accessories? Check.

Rollers and ashtrays and grinders, oh my! These are just a few of the items you can find under the Accessories page. Absorbent glass pads, lighters, hydrostones, and omnistands can all be found here, each available in multiple styles. Their sleek design rolling trays are very popular among the cannabis community – see more.

Glass Pipes? Check.

Glass pipes have become all the rage in the smoker community, and for good reason. They offer a stylish yet discreet alternative that’s more portable than a rig but more aesthetically pleasing than most vaporizers. You can also find silicone-covered tasters and the Hemper-exclusive Lunar Gamma Pipe.

Vaporizers? Check.

For improved potency and portability in the sweep of legalization, vaporizers are the go-to device. Hemper offers a nice selection, from slim and long to short and square ane almost everything in between.

Rolling Papers & Wraps? Check.

They’ve got your pre-rolled papers, slim papers, shine woven papers, king size papers! They’ve got flavored papers, natural papers, and more! Hemper’s selection includes big names like OCB, Juicy Jay’s, and RAW. You can buy starter kits and multipacks, as well.

Cleaning Supplies? Check.

A good rig is a clean rig. Dirty bongs lead to airflow issues, smoke quality issues, and let’s not discuss the taste. Hemper offers a variety of cleaning kits and items like bristles, wipes, cotton bulbs, and more. If your ashtray is hard to clean, find a heat resistant and easy to clean one check it out.

But Hemper’s claim to fame lies in more than just their high-quality, top brand products. Their popularity comes from their subscription services.

The Loot Box for Smokers

You read that right. Subscription boxes, aka ‘Loot’ boxes. Every month, Hemper collabs with a top brand or a celebrity smoker to create a box of goodies, and each box includes a new glass rig. Hemper boxes carry an assortment of anything from their product line, typically worth over $100— for $40 a box. That’s right! And you don’t have to sign up for monthly delivery either. You can set your frequency and your payment plan when signing up.

Did you miss an old box? You might be in luck! Hemper also sells previous boxes for a time in their regular store. For example, let’s look at their Dec 2019 box:

  • Hemper Cocoa Mug Rig
  • Hemper Banger Cover
  • 2MM Quick Heat Banger
  • Hemper Silicone Ashtray
  • Hemper Tech Freshwipes
  • Bubble Carb Cap
  • King Size Rolling Papers
  • Notes Luxury Pre-Rolled Cones
  • 14 MM Flower Bowl
  • Assorted Hemper Sticker
  • $125+ Retail Value

Customers outside of the US do need to add a $20 shipping charge.

Like the idea of upping your stash on a monthly basis, but don’t want it to be totally random? Hemper has something for you:

Build-You-Own Box

Hemper has recently introduced the ability to build your own subscription. It’s a tier-based sub, so you get to choose a price tier. The tier defines how many items you get, with upper tiers letting you add a premium item to your essentials. You choose the frequency, and you choose what fills your box. You can go in and change your selection if you get full on one essential and want to try something new.

Let’s Talk Privacy

A great thing about online shopping is discretion. Some smokers aren’t comfortable shopping in a brick & mortar location; others worry that packaging may give away their orders to nosy neighbors. Unlike certain big-box online warehouses, Hemper’s mailers are free of any branding. Each package is discreet, keeping your purchase between you and the website.

Closing Thoughts 

Hemper also offers excellent customer service through their site, and they host a blog with a myriad of information for smokers, with topics that range from good movies to watch during a sesh to informational articles, product recommendations, and company news.

Sound good? Swing on over to, and see what’s smokin’.

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