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How much is an eighth of weed? Price, weight, photos, size, slang and more

This story is part of a series on legal marijuana, answering common questions about smoking, vaping and edibles.

Back when the idea of marijuana legalization was just a twinkle in some stoner’s eye, weed was commonly sold in “eighths” — and today, in legal dispensaries, things are much the same. But if you’re just getting started, you may be wondering: What’s the price of an eighth of weed? What’s the weight of an eighth of weed? What’s the size, exactly? Or even: An eighth of what? Or: What about the first seven? And: Do I really have to do fractions?

Don’t fret. Weed lovers would never make anything needlessly complicated, and indeed, with enough experience, an eighth will come to feel like an intuitively graspable measurement, like a tablespoon. For now, though, let’s start with the basics.

How much does an eighth of weed weigh?

While the size and density of an eighth of weed depends very much on the strain you’re buying, what never changes is the weight. Quite simply, an eighth weighs an eighth of an ounce — hence the term — which comes out to about 3.54 grams, if you’re metrically inclined, and often just a flat 3.5 grams, at least on the street. In other words, it’s pretty light; by comparison, a nickel coin weighs exactly 5 grams.

What’s the size of an eighth of weed?

Cultivated cannabis is relatively light, so it can take a surprising number of buds to weigh out to an eighth of an ounce. Again, there’s a range, because some weed is fluffier and some is more packed together, but in general you can consider an eighth to be a decent pocketful, or enough to fill the bottom of a standard plastic sandwich bag.

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Published: November 10, 2020

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