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How brands can connect with consumer niches

Find CPG success by focusing on authentic, impact-driven connections with influencers and personalization through consumer-generated content.

Skin. Stress. Sleep. Digestion. Energy. Mood. Depression. PMS. Hormonal regulation.

These are the things women think about, things they feel. These are the keywords permeating the websites of Apothekary and Winged—brands that are built by and for women. How have these successful brands built a following by consciously leaving out half the population? (Sorry, guys.)

For Winged founder Jessica Mulligan, she started conceptualizing the brand two years ago, and was brainstorming ways to differentiate it in a saturated hemp CBD marketplace. She and her girlfriends all seemed to be feeling anxious and overwhelmed—hallmarks of any successful, driven businessperson. She tried some hemp CBD and found relief, and that’s when targeting the female demographic hit.

“Women experience insomnia, anxiety and depression at two times the rate of men. Women are stressed out. What are we doing to address that?,” she said. “There’s hardly any products on the market to address a female’s body and physiology. We’re built different, we have hormonal surges. Early on I saw this need to address stress, anxiety and sleep specifically for a women’s body. That was my light bulb moment, the great big idea of my life.”

Winged became a CBD-centered brand that formulates with other thoughtfully curated botanicals and specialty ingredients marketed to women’s concerns around stress, sleep, mood, skin and body care.

For Shizu Okusa, founder and CEO of Apothekary, 95% of its tribe are women. A huge focus on personalization and consumer-generated content has enabled the company to successfully pivot from an Ayurvedic-forward company that scared and confused shoppers into a curious audience of early adopters to health and wellness paradigms.

“We prioritize a ton of user-generated content and referrals,” said Okusa. “That’s been the lifeblood of how we need to grow. Retention rates are 90%. We’ve seen 5,000% growth year over year. We didn’t expect that to happen so quickly.”

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Published: August 10, 2020

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