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Flower Co. Brings Wholesale Cannabis Pricing To Los Angeles

The membership-based company is expanding their operations and entering the largest legal cannabis market in the world

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 25, 2019)  FLOWER CO, an online, subscription-based cannabis company is expanding beyond Northern California and launching services in Los Angeles. Their business model delivers premium products to consumers directly from old-school supply at wholesale prices.

FLOWER CO.’s unique membership program allows its members to save 30-50% off retail pricing.  FLOWER CO. passes on savings to customers by pairing them directly with the suppliers – veteran growers, cutting-edge manufacturers, and top brands like Kiva, Bloom Farms, and Raw Garden, to name a few.

Additionally, by offering scheduled delivery, there is less overhead than dispensaries and lower costs than on-demand delivery services because of efficient delivery routes.  With this scheduled delivery model, only what is ordered is packed each week, which reduces storage costs and offers customers fresh product.

FLOWER CO. currently operates in California territories that include Alameda County, San Francisco, Marin, and now Los Angeles. Beginning February 25, Angelenos will join Northern California customers in enjoying deep savings on its comprehensive menu consisting of sungrown and greenhouse flower, prerolls, cartridges, Pax pods, concentrates, and additional CBD wellness products via FLOWER CO.’s yearly membership. Memberships start at $79 (Green tier) and go up to $119 (Gold tier), with each level granting you access to different categories of product and additional membership benefits like access to special events and concerts.

“Los Angeles is the biggest legal cannabis market in the world,” said Ted Lichtenberger, CEO and co-founder of FLOWER CO. “LA and cannabis have intertwined histories that define culture. We’re excited to be a part of that.”

“Opening in LA is an important milestone for us,” adds Scott Davies, CSO and co-founder. “LA is our first market in Southern California, it’s where art, music, and creativity happen. We want to be a part of those conversations by infusing Humboldt’s culture with LA sensitivities.”

With a combined 35 years in the cannabis industry, the three founders started FLOWER CO. in June 2018 out of their frustration with retail upcharges that resulted from increased marketplace regulation and increased taxes after working. This shift in the industry coincided with a simultaneous need from growers to develop a consistent sales channel as flower prices dropped after legalization.

Looking beyond the Los Angeles launch, FLOWER CO. seeks to continue offering value to cannabis customers in more locations. “We want to continue growing and provide the most attainable prices to the most members,” said Tony Diepenbrock, CTO/CMO and co-founder of FLOWER CO. “Right now, that means expanding to new cities, adding more brands to our menu, and accelerating our delivery time.” 


FLOWER CO. is a membership-based service that delivers high-quality, low-priced cannabis to consumers in California. Founded in May 2018 by Ted Lichtenberger (CEO), Tony Diepenbrock (CTO/CMO) and Scott Davies (CSO), the company fuses Humboldt County values with Silicon Valley efficiencies to offer consumers a variety of cannabis products at 30-50% less than traditional retail avenues. Annual memberships start at $79. For more information about FLOWER CO. please visit

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