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Five innovative CBD products from California brands to put into your wellness repertoire

Written By: Alexandra Stein, @alixsteinpr                                                                        Friday, April 20, 2018

With recreational THC products hitting the shelves earlier this year and even more products taken down because of regulations, it’s easy to lose sight of some amazing CBD products that are gaining traction inside and outside of the legal cannabis industry. Cannabidiol (CBD), is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)’s non-psychoactive and equally beneficial cannabinoid counterpart. Known for its anxiolytic properties and ability to ease inflammation, CBD products are quickly becoming a hot commodity throughout California and the United States for people seeking relief without pills. While CBD products derived from hemp are legal for sale in the U.S. if THC levels remain under .03%, many companies are using other herbs and ingredients to enhance the natural healing capabilities of cannabis. Here are five CBD products from California brands that deserve recognition for standing out and being outstanding:

Lord Jones – Sigurberry High CBD Gumdrops 

Lord Jones is a well-established cannabis brand based in Los Angeles that offers an exciting line of THC & CBD infused confections and topicals with exotic ingredients and organically-sourced hemp. The company manufactures their edibles and topicals in small batches and they are as much delicious as they are visually appealing. The award-winning, all-natural gumdrops are made with only five ingredients: “natural fruit essences, gelatin, citric acid, sugar and the finest full-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich CBD extract” and are expertly dosed at 20mg of CBD a piece, making them a great option for newer cannabis users. Even better, the company teamed up with rockers Sigur Rós to create a limited edition batch of gumdrops inspired by berries from their homeland, Iceland. Last November the company announced an upcoming project with boutique hotel group Standard International, to which they will be co-branding a cannabis retail space inside the Standard Hollywood lobby later this year. Lord Jones products can be found locally at MedMen DTLA, The Higher Path, and online at


De La Beuh – CBD Coffee Scrub

De La Beuh was founded in 2015 “to provide alternative bath products in the cannabis industry” and quickly gained notoriety with their THC and CBD infused topicals. Their 2015 Chalice winning coffee scrub is what initially put the company on the map and as they expanded, the accolades followed. Fully organic, the scrub combines coffee, shea butter, coconut and olive oils along with an essential oil blend and CBD. The combination of oils and coffee grounds exfoliate the skin and promote circulation, something cannabis causes naturally in the body as a vasodilator. The end product leaves skin soft and supple, which is great for Spring. De Le Beuh products are now available in over 50 different retail and dispensary locations, CBD-only products may be purchased on their website,


The Highdration Mask – CBD Sheet Mask

The Highdration Mask, a hemp-infused sheet mask is another topical CBD product deserving of recognition for innovation. However, sheet masks themselves are not a new concept. They have been rising in popularity over the last 3 years thanks to companies like Sephora and access to worldwide (i.e. Korean) beauty brands and products. The masks are typically made of a cotton or paper material and soaked in a serum and packaged directly for use. What makes the Highdration mask special is it’s completely organic and combines wet and dry oils to balance and hydrate your skin. When combined with hemp-derived CBD, alkaline water and tangerine terpenes, the coconut, rosehip, apricot, and castor oils moisturize skin and smell like a freshly-peeled orange. The mask is available at Plant Organix Wellness in San Bernardino and select CA retailers, and online through the Let Them Shop Cake Etsy Shop.


Not Pot – CBD Chocolate Hearts

Not Pot chocolate hearts pack a healthy punch for their small size. Each heart contains 2mg of organic hemp-derived CBD, making the 30-day supply a total of 60mg per jar. The bite-sized dark chocolate hearts are formulated with ashwagandha root, an herb frequently used for its adaptogenic and anti-anxiety properties in Ayurvedic medicine. They’re also sweetened with a low glycemic maple sugar to keep your sweet tooth satisfied and blood sugar levels balanced. After launching last year, the company is sold out on their website with plenty of people pining for more Not Pot hearts. Not Pot is based out of San Francisco, most recently releasing a limited-edition collaboration matcha and CBD-infused adaptogenic coconut butter with Pearl Butter. The chocolates are sold out for now, but keep an eye out for a restock and retail location information on their website:


The Good Stuff Tonics – Black Currant Kombucha

The Good Stuff Tonics is based out of San Diego and they take kombucha and cannabis very seriously. Seeing kombucha beer pop up in the last few years, it was only a matter of time that a healthier cannabis counterpart was waiting in the wings. With a 50mg CBD to 4mg THC ratio, this is the only California restricted product on our list but one that deserves a ton of praise. The Good Stuff Tonics are available at several dispensaries throughout southern California including Super Clinik in Santa Ana. CA residents may also order through their website,

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