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Everything You Should Know About Buying Edibles

There’s never been a better time to get into edibles. Aside from our copious amounts of free time and the government deeming weed “essential,” there’s the reality that due to the respiratory nature of the coronavirus, it’s probably not a good time to be smoking anything right now. It is, however, a great time to get high and snack, so why not do both at the same time?

Despite the perks, edibles tend to occupy a divisive corner of the cannabis world. Not only do brands struggle to comply with soul-shattering legal and political scrutiny like dosing caps, ingredient restrictions and child-proof packaging laws, the edibles themselves don’t exactly have the best reputation with novice users.

Deep down, there’s a sense of fear that surrounds the use of edibles, spurred by countless Maureen-Dowd-esque horror stories from confused newbies who accidently ingested way too high a dose, and were then locked into navigating an unmanageable high for an uncomfortable amount of hours.

What these people don’t know, it seems, is that edibles have come a LONG way from the magic brownie space cakes of yesteryear. In fact, edibles are technically the safest way to control the level of your high, with their extremely clear dosing restrictions and growing focus on microdosed products.

In hopes of clearing the antiquated stigma that’s tainted people’s perception of a really great way to experience cannabis, here is our guide to everything you should know about buying edibles.

Introduction to edibles

Prior to 2016, Prop 64, and the veritable dismantling of the edibles industry, the edibles market was a very different place. Funky mom and pop brands regularly rolled out fun products like dosed ice creams, 1000 milligram coffee cakes, cannabis lattes and anything else you could possibly concoct. Creativity flowered as these little companies branded their magic products in wild packaging. It was a beautiful time.

Flash forward to now, none of those brands exist. Along with legality came a slew of restrictions on edibles in California, namely a 10 milligram per serving dosage cap, a ban on any products with dairy or that require refrigeration, and packaging laws stringent enough to deflate any marketing team’s attempts at artful presentation.

The edibles market today is made up of a handful of brands who managed to weather the storm, and is mitigated mostly to products that fall into the following three categories: chocolates or caramels, baked goods and gummies or hard candy.

What dose works best for you? 

Nothing is more important than dosing when it comes to choosing an edible, especially for those nervous about getting too high. To better understand dosing, let’s cover the main types of edible doses you’ll encounter:

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Published: May 01, 2020

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