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Disposable Vapes Get Sleek, Fashionable Makeover

Most people familiar with the cannabis vape industry know the name CCELL. They have been the largest maker of vaporization hardware serving the cannabis space for the past 5 years. Their PALM product line can be found at almost every smoke shop and dispensary across the legal cannabis industry. To no surprise — they’ve done it again with the release of a new line of disposable vaporizers that are becoming available this fall. 

This new line of products, which includes four distinct devices, is designed to meet the increased demand for disposable vaporizers that are more personalized, discrete, and portable. The OWA, Poché, Slym, and Memento will soon be available at dispensaries in the U.S.

CCELL recently noted that the demand for disposable vaporizers has been growing at a significant rate and that consumers want to be able to try cannabis products, vaporizers specifically, without a major financial commitment. This new line of disposables allows consumers to do that. 

There are a number of factors driving the trend of increased interest in small, disposable vaporizers. These factors range from more accessibility to travel, following the pandemic lockdowns of 2020, to more states allowing recreational use, as well as consumers being increasingly conscious of spending habits. 

Let’s break down these factors and explore how it’s translating into trends across the industry. 

Exploring new lands and new vapes

As domestic travel continues to boom this year, one by-product of this is the increased demand for small, disposable cannabis vapes for travelers. More people than ever are working remotely and they have the flexibility to travel more often. Whether traveling cannabis users are interested in enjoying CBD or THC oils they know and love in a state where the adult-use of cannabis is legal or they want to try cannabis vaping for the first time while on vacation, we’re seeing that travelers are more and more interested in buying disposable vaporizers once they arrive at their destination. 

There are many reasons for this — a few being that they are discrete, easy to use on-the-go, and won’t cost them an amount of money if they are only planning to consume for a short period of time.

The vaporizers that appear to be doing well in this type of market are the 0.3 ml or 0.5 ml varieties. This is especially true for those trying vapes (or cannabis in general) for the first time. They are less expensive than vapes that hold 1ml or more, and for first-time users, the reward can outweigh the risk in terms of price. 

Desire for more luxe vapes and customizable options

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, we’re seeing significant momentum for luxury cannabis products. Designed with patented CCELL vaporizing technology, the new OWA, Poche, Slym, and Memento offer slim and lightweight, yet stylish and functional designs. These design features not only make these products easy to handle, but also provide a first-class vaping experience full of flavor and effectiveness.

For example, the Owa is designed with a sleek round-fit mouthpiece and is one of the most compact rechargeable disposables you can see in the market. The Poché offers a signature matte finish with an easy-to-grip surface — which will look great in-person and in selfies. Slym is one of the thinnest disposables ever created and Momento comes in different styles and colors to match your aesthetics. 

Waste not

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in being less wasteful and more environmentally conscious. This includes with their cannabis products and CCELL, recognizing this desire, has included a rechargeable micro-USB port in two of its new vapes, the OWA and Poché. Slym and Memento, while not rechargeable, have improved battery cells to offer one year shelf-life, which is also the longest shelf life promised on non-chargeable disposables. This allows users to be able to take in every last toke, not waste oil, and have a worry-free experience. 

The Slym and Memento feature 0.3ml oil tanks, while the OWA and Poché have 0.5ml oil tanks. If a user is unsure of how much oil they have left, these new CCELL disposables all feature a visible oil tank, allowing users to know the amount of oil they have left at any time. Also, they each come with an LED indicator light that gives users immediate feedback on the status of their vape at a quick glance.

Final thoughts

Stylish, luxurious, technologically advanced vapes are more popular than ever in 2021. High-quality manufacturers like CCELL understand that disposable vapes not only need to be safe but need to be made with high-quality materials that look and feel great to users. 

Published: September 22, 2021

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