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Did Kamala Harris flip-flop on marijuana again to adopt Biden’s anti-legalization position?

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Does Vice President Kamala Harris still support legalizing marijuana? According to a short passage buried in a new Bloomberg report about efforts to appoint a new top White House drug policy official, the answer seems to be no.

Harris, who sponsored a comprehensive Senate bill to end federal cannabis prohibition in 2019, has now reportedly adopted the same position as President Joe Biden, who opposes legalization, the outlet reported on Monday.

There have been signs that might be the case, as Harris has stepped back her calls for broad reform in recent months, opting instead to push for cannabis decriminalization and expungements in line with the president’s agenda. She spent significant time during her own presidential campaign making the case for federally legalizing marijuana, but that specific narrative has been largely abandoned since she joined Biden’s presidential ticket in August.

Decriminalization and expungements is the favored policy of Biden, who also backs medical cannabis legalization, modestly rescheduling the plant under federal law and letting states set their own policies on the issue.

Bloomberg reported that an aide Harris’s team said her “positions are now the same as Biden’s,” though the source asked not to be named because the vice president hasn’t announced the policy shift. Marijuana Moment reached out to three press staffers in the vice president’s office for clarification, but they did not respond by the time of publication.

The lack of specificity leaves rooms for the possibility that the staffer was referring to Biden changing his position and embracing legalization as Harris has. But considering that the vice president’s rhetoric on the issue has shifted—with her reaffirming an administration commitment to simply “decriminalizing marijuana” and expunging records, rather than legalize the plant—it appears more likely that it’s Harris whose views have changed.

In September, for example, she simply said that “we will decriminalize the use of marijuana and automatically expunge all marijuana use convictions and incarceration for drug use alone.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Harris has flip-flopped on cannabis. She was staunchly opposed to legalization and actively campaigned against a California reform initiative on the 2010 ballot during her time as the state’s attorney general, co-authoring an official voter guide argument stating that the measure “seriously compromises the safety of our communities, roadways, and workplaces.”

In 2014, Harris was asked about marijuana legalization in light of her Republican opponent for attorney general supporting it, and she dismissively laughed off the question.

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Published: March 01, 2021

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  • Raymond Beebe
    March 2, 2021 at 6:36 AM

    This is Bullshit you all see how these Politicians lies what they going to change things and make it better for our Country like decriminalizing Marijuana on their Campaign to push these issues. Then once elected they change their minds again this is why I do not vote. How come in our Country they is 15 States for Recreational Marijuana 21+ over. The other 31 States for Medical Marijuana and our President Joe Biden is for Medical Marijuana but not decriminalizing and taxing the plant.

    Here in California we already pay 34% in taxes what’s the difference for another 5% for Federal Tax which would help our Country and the Stock Market so we can invest and make profit off it. I am a Laboratory Tested Cannabis Grower here in California I do not sell my indoor. Outdoor and Greenhouse they use Pesticides on the insects. I know another grower that has two greenhouses and uses Juno this pesticide is outlawed in California and causes cancer and I refuse to smoke his weed.

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