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County Validates Signatures, Initiative Legalizing Unlicensed Pasadena Marijuana Dispensaries Officially Qualifies for Ballot

City officials have gone to great lengths to close down Pasadena marijuana dispensaries which operate in violation of City ordinances. Pictured above is a November 2018 raid on Walnut Street during which police arrested four and seized cash and 168 pounds of marijuana at an illegal dispensary.

[UPDATED]  The Los Angeles County Registrar last week validated 9,138 signatures on an initiative that would legalize unlicensed, unconvicted and currently “illegal” marijuana dispensaries and thereby permit them to continue operations in Pasadena.

That’s enough signatures to officially qualify the initiative for the March 3, 2020 election.

If it were to become city law, the “People’s Initiative to Preserve the Existing Operation of Non-Offending Commercial Cannabis Businesses” would add another layer of complexity to an already tangled commercial cannabis permitting process that has seen accusations fly and lawsuits filed.

Tonight the now-validated initiative goes before Pasadena’s City Council where, according to City Clerk Mark Jomsky, the Councilmembers are faced with three options mandated by the State’s election code:

“Adopt the ordinance, without alteration, at the Council meeting at which the certification of the petition is presented, or within 10 days after it is presented, submit the ordinance, without alteration, to the voters or direct City staff to prepare a report on the impacts of the proposed initiative measure within 30 days of the certification of the petition.”

If the Council chooses to ask City staff to prepare a report on the impacts of the proposed measure on the city, that report must come back and be heard by the Council before October 11.

That process ends with the same State requirement that, after the report is presented, the City Council “shall either adopt the ordinance within 10 days or order an election.”

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Published: September 16, 2019

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