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Cannabis Infused Food Is the New Food Trend

One of the most evolving and interesting industry is the food industry. Everyone loves food and trying different varieties and new inventions have been the new trend.

Chefs and food experts all over the world have been trying new combinations to see what works and what does not. They have been introducing new recipes with interesting ingredients to attract more customers.

Every country has its special foods that the natives love to eat, but inventing something out of the box has been the new trend in the food industry. The latest food trend that has been the talk of the town is cannabis infused foods.

Cannabis has been recently legalized in many United States and Canada for recreational and medical purposes. Cannabis which is known by many different names like marijuana, weed or pot is a psychoactive drug which alters the state of mind. Cannabis is a plant which has many different chemical compounds.

THC is the main compound responsible for the mind altering effect. Recent researches and studies have shown that another chemical compound known as cannabidiol or CBD found in cannabis is extremely beneficial in treating different diseases. This study has caught the attention of a lot of people. Marijuana drug ranks highest on the list of drugs smuggled or trafficked over borders.

Marijuana was previously legalized for medical purposes only but now the United States of America, Canada, and South Africa among other countries have also lifted the ban and legalized it for recreational use as well. This has allowed a lot of food enthusiasts to experiment with cannabis and include it in recipes giving it a new kick.

Which countries produce cannabis? Cannabis is grown all over the world. It originated in the Central Asia, but people all over the world have been familiar with it since very long.

Marijuana is grown and cultivated worldwide. It is used through smoking, vaporizing, and now in foods as an ingredient as well. Among smoking and vaporizing, ingesting cannabis is considered a safer means to use marijuana.

Ingesting it takes longer to show the effects of the drug, usually about 30 to 60 minutes. There are several food products that are infused with cannabis extracts. Cannabis is also being infused in drinks.

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Published: January 16, 2019

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