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Cannabis industry leaders come together to raise funds for Ukrainian aid

Powered by Tradecraft Farms’ Philanthropy Arm ‘Gobble Gobble Give’ and Co-Sponsored by Catalyst Cannabis Co. and Gold Flora Distribution


Los Angeles, CA (May 18, 2022) – For years, Dub Bros., the parent company of cannabis brand and retailer Tradecraft Farms, have been helping feed America’s homeless through their Gobble Gobble Give organization which feeds over 35,000 annually during Thanksgiving. However, as Ukrainian civilians continue to be under attack, founders Barry Walker and Brent Walker have decided to extend their resources to raise funds and help get much needed medical aid supplies to people on the ground who need it. Partnering with non-profit organizations Bomb Techs Without Borders and Ukraine Now, Tradecraft Farms along with friend and Catalyst Cannabis Co. CEO Elliot Lewis and Gold Flora Distribution have banded together to purchase non-lethal supplies. These companies are creating a rallying cry of support from the cannabis industry to support Ukrainian citizens which has reached 10k and counting.

With these funds, Tradecraft Farms has purchased a pallet of Individual First Aid Kits and non-lethal aid for Ukranians that need medical attention on the ground. For each $125 raised, another first aid kit can be purchased. These kits will have a secure safe shipping line through Poland into Lviv, Ukraine.

“We are here to tell our Ukrainian Friends and Family that the Cannabis Industry has not forgotten them. So we got a few friends together and raised $10,000 to help the brave men and women that are still in their home land facing Russia’s aggression. The great nation of Ukraine should remain Democratic and Sovereign. We will help wherever we can.” – Barry Walker, CEO of Tradecraft Farms

For more information on Tradecraft Farms and Gobble Gobble Give please visit or and you can follow them on IG @tradecraftfarms and @gobblegobblegive.

For more information on Bomb Techs Without Borders visit and Ukraine Now visit

For more information on Catalyst Cannabis Co. visit or @catalyst_cannabisco and Gold Flora visit or @goldflora_ca.



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