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Cannabis Clones in Los Angeles: Green is the new healthy

Los Angeles, Jan 1, 2019 (  – Going green with cannabis clones in Los Angeles offers new paradigm health. Strainbank LA has made it their mission to support medical marijuana patients in Los Angeles with cannabis clones to support their individual health journey. The collective has been leading the way for new cannabis clone growers in Los Angeles to empower their process.

The Los Angeles collective does not advertise. Strain Bank Los Angeles passes that savings onto their medical marijuana patient members. They rely on Los Angeles clone growers to share the news with friends about the success of their LA clone gardens. Thanks to their long withstanding web presence in Los Angeles, they are now globally recognized as a source for superior cannabis genetics, as well as helpful tips for creating a thriving garden.

Here are a few things that will serve customers on their cannabis clone journey.

Roots: Root your Los Angeles Clones for success:

Through the years, Strain Bank LA routinely sees new patients over water marijuana plants, especially when it comes to Los Angeles clones. Marijuana clones & pre-teens do not need much water (if any) during because each clone should be offered to the clone grower within a Rapid Rooter plug or Grodan Rockwool cube. When working with new LA cannabis clones, customers may feel compelled to water it the day they receive it. If that’s the case the Team at Strainbank LA suggests, growers use a spray bottle with filtered water. Young Los Angeles clones do not require any nutrients in the first week; however, when feeding marijuana clones, Strain Bank suggests to use a light quarter solution. There should be no rush to maturing cannabis plants. Growers should allow their cannabis clone to grow within regime and environment that promotes abundance in the garden.

For New Los Angeles Clone Growers

First, Strain Bank LA invites growers to take on a grower’s mindset. This means growers should have confidence in each LA clone harvest; Also, they will want to make sure they work with a collective that will support growers no matter the level of their expertise. Perhaps this is an opportunity for new growers to take a preventative approach when growing Los Angeles clone. For example, with Strain Bank collective, growers can consult with the staff before ordering. When Strain Bank LA comes across new cannabis clone growers in Los Angeles, they have the support to walk them through the growing process. The collective would recommend for any new cannabis clone grower to stay away from marijuana forums. Growers want to work with a grower who uses the techniques that are only developed over decades of cannabis clone experience, as well as University research. In the interest of serving the Medical Marijuana Patients community, the collective has come up with a guide sharing the highlights of each marijuana clone. This will easily support healing and growing.

Strainbank LA was established in Spring of 2009 and is the only collective offering verified cannabis genetics, originating from International Seed banks. Which means, that all of the varieties of marijuana clones in Los Angeles are offered with their phenotypes preserved. The Strain Menu is a collection of flowering seeds, of which top genetics were identified and amplified within LA clones.

Published: January 01, 2019

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