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Cannabis catering: private parties with a buzz

Cannabis restaurants are still a little hard to come by because of current laws and regulations in the cannabis industry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve up some awesome marijuana meals to guests at your party. With the advent of cannabis catering, everyday events can be celebrated like 4/20. Here’s a look at some of the top companies that will ensure your party is perfectly pot-centric.

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What’s the deal with cannabis restaurants?

We already know that cannabis isn’t legal for recreational use everywhere, so the idea that there would be a streamlined idea for cannabis restaurants, doesn’t exist. Though we now have the ability to go into dispensaries and order food infused with cannabis, in most places, we can’t go into an actual restaurant and order ourselves a big old bacon double weed burger. At least not yet.

In order for dispensaries to operate, they must follow a strict set of regulations, and these restrictions, while similar, vary in specifics from state to state. For example, in California, cannabis regulation is highly particular, down to the layout of the building which houses the operation, and the bathrooms within. Though dispensaries are able to serve up cannabis foods, a real operating restaurant is harder to find, though they do exist.

From Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza in New York, which serves a whole menu of Italian food goodness, to Monarch & the Milkweed restaurant in Vermont which has everything to get your sweet tooth going with a CBD infusion, there are some legalized locations where prospective cannabis restauranteurs are finding ways to institute their businesses. Another Vermont option is Zenbarn, a restaurant that serves up good old-fashioned comfort food, but with an added CBD-sauce kick, and cannabis-infused beverages.

Cannabis cuisine

The very first cannabis restaurant to open did so in California, and is called the Original Cannabis Café. This restaurant offers a full regular menu, with the option of a THC upgrade for $20. This restaurant, like the others mentioned, should be checked for hours as covid has altered business operations in many locations.

Cannabis catering, the best way to get your party started

If you want to have a big blowout party, and you want to serve up some tasty cuisine that can bring on a buzz, there are companies ready and waiting to meet your weed needs, and not in a standard restaurant environment. If you’re looking to plan a private birthday party, or wedding celebration, or graduation party, and you want to do it pro-cannabis style, these cannabis catering companies can make sure you pull off a night to remember, even if it’s all a bit hazy.

Much like any other catering company, cannabis caterers come to where your celebration is planned, and bring a pre-organized menu of the food you want to serve your guests. In the case of cannabis catering, that fine cuisine can be a full menu of cannabis-infused food. A stipulation for such a service does require being in a location where this practice can be done legally.

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Published: October 07, 2021

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