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California preps for biggest legal pot harvest ever

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Things are kicking into high gear on cannabis farms around the state as California prepares for its massive annual outdoor harvest.

After months of effort, the annual wave of outdoor is almost ready for consumers in California and beyond. While we’ll focus on the regulated industry for this piece, make no mistake about it, the harvest season provides an annual flood of good weed across the country. And in many cases, the further you get from the Emerald Triangle, the less likely people will even realize it’s outdoor.

For Harvest 2021, there is seemingly more pot to go around in September than ever before. As permitted operators get ready to chop down their plants, they’re getting their ducks in a row to bring the most competitive product to market possible.

One of the legacy operations preparing for things to get very busy in the next few weeks is WildLand Cannabis. WildLand’s co-owner Joey Gothelf and his farm partner Jenn moved out from Philly to take part in the medical cannabis industry a decade ago. Following Prop. 64, they went all-in on legal cannabis.

“I mean listen, it’s tough because it’s definitely not what it was, on every level conceivable,” Gothelf told L.A. Weekly. “So it’s been tough. We made the decision to do the regulated thing when it happened – to go all in. We didn’t want to stop what we were doing.”

But they also didn’t want to be in the shadows doing this forever. Gothelf noted he’s had data entry jobs in the past, so taking care of the inventory in the METRC tracking system many states use to track cannabis products was a breeze.

As for the harvest, Gothelf is in the final construction stage of upgrading the barn they use for drying.

Gothelf went on to compare the vibes on the hill for Harvest 2021 with his earliest experiences up north a decade ago. He said this particular moment is weird because of how prices have dropped.

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Published: September 09, 2021

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