California marijuana advocates drumming up support For proposed statewide ballot measure

Although most of the country looks to California as the forerunner of marijuana legalization, for years advocates and cannabis enthusiasts have called out their state for certain issues that have troubled the industry since day one.

Weed for Warriors

The organization website lists its mission as follows: Weed For Warriors Project is a social justice lifestyle brand supporting holistic rehabilitation for veterans through community-based projects, proactive care advocacy, cannabis education and compassion. WFW Project urges change for the empowerment of the people.

Among issues cited by marijuana industry professionals are extraneous taxes, restrictive regulations, and a still-largely thriving illicit market. The WFWP has gathered supporters from all arenas of the state, and worked to draft a proposition that will hopefully ‘fix’ some of the problems ushered in with Proposition 64, which is the original proposition passed by voters in 2016.

The new proposition is still being developed, according to Kiernan, with the intent to let the communities have input into the final piece of legislation.

The New Proposal Addresses Shortcomings of the Previous Cannabis Proposition

Some specific actions that would be ushered in with this new proposal are:

  • negate local controls over cannabis business, therefore opening more market opportunities
  • Eliminate cultivation taxes, and reduce excise taxes
  • Deny local taxes; however, 20% of state taxes collected will be redirected to local communities

The action letter written by Kiernan addresses some of the functional issues of the initial proposition:

“Critically, the vast majority of Californians wanted and expected Prop 64’s passage to create safe, legal and easy access to cannabis in their communities. According to the most recent polling conducted by David Binder Research, voters expectations were and are clear.

‘Eight in ten Prop 64 voters expected a YES vote meant cannabis would be sold in the area where they live.’

Yet, contrary to the will of the majority of voters statewide who voted for the law (over 56%), Prop 64’s passage ushered in cannabis prohibition for over 70% of California’s cities and counties.”

While the initial politics were viewed as a way to put controls over the illicit market, studies have shown that in reality the opposite has happened.

The action letter written by Kiernan also states, “that an estimated 80% of the California marijuana market remains illegal, citing a warning to Gov. Gavin Newsom from his own Cannabis Advisory Committee.”

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Published: April 07, 2021

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