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California Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Medical Cannabis in K-12 Schools

The latest medical cannabis law in California allows parents to administer medical cannabis treatments to their children on K-12 school campuses.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has signed a bill allowing K-12 students to use medical cannabis at school, the Los Angeles Times reports. The law allows parents in some school districts to bring medical cannabis products to their children at the campus but does not allow those products to be in smokable or vapeable form.

A similar measure was vetoed by former Republican Gov. Jerry Brown in 2018. Under the previous state laws, students or parents could not bring medical cannabis within 1,000 feet of campus and parents had to pick up their child to administer medical cannabis and bring them back.

Los Angeles Unified School District board member Jackie Goldberg told the Times that she believes medical cannabis “ought to be available as a need if the student’s family gets a prescription or a recommendation from a medical doctor.” She indicated the board would ask the district’s health officials for possible policy recommendations.

The measure was opposed by anti-cannabis groups and the California Police Chiefs Association. Scott Chipman, of the group Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana, called the bill a “stunt” and said there was “absolutely no reason” students couldn’t use medical cannabis outside of school hours, adding that the Food and Drug Administration has approved an epilepsy drug that is taken in the morning and evening.

The police chiefs association opposed the law as they seek “to prevent any youth under the age of 21 from accessing all types of cannabis products.”

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Published: October 11, 2019

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