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California cannabis vape cartridge makers facing counterfeit products hurdle

Mainstream industry brands have long contended with product knockoffs ranging from North Face jackets to Rolex watches.

Now the problem is increasingly appearing in the marijuana industry – with vaporizer cartridges a key target.

The issue can be a major headache for targeted companies. Counterfeiting can result in lost sales and downward pressure on the authentic product’s price – not to mention bad publicity if the bogus item is deemed unsafe.

An example is Mammoth Distribution, an exclusive distributor for Heavy Hitters, a line of disposable cannabis vape cartridges in California.

The company was alarmed when it learned a few months ago that counterfeit Heavy Hitters cartridges were showing up in illegal storefronts.

“This could be potentially unsafe to consumers … buying it thinking that they’re getting a better deal from these unlicensed shops,” Davis said.“There are unlicensed shops in California selling this product at a lower price,” said Hannah Davis, chief marketing officer for Los Angeles-based Mammoth Distribution.

Here are three things cannabis companies should understand about the issue:

1. Counterfeiting in China is rampant.

Heavy Hitters’ vaporizer cartridges and packaging are manufactured in China, where rip-offs of mainstream brands are a regular occurrence since intellectual property isn’t as protected as in other countries.

Davis said at least one Chinese manufacturer has:

  • Stolen Heavy Hitters’ name and logo.
  • Manufactured unauthorized cartridges and packaging featuring “fairly similar” branding.
  • Sold cartridges online at sites such as Ali Baba.

To see one example of a counterfeit Heavy Hitters offering that Davis said was being advertised online in early December, click here.

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Published: December 04, 2018

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