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Best cannabis strains of summer 2020

Meat Breath by Michigan breeder Gromerjuana is a strain of the summer 2020. (Courtesy Deschutes Growery)

Let’s be fair—whatever is in your bowl right now is the Strain of the Summer, for you. Cannabis is so personal.

But beyond you doing you, there are definite, massive trends abloom in cannabis flower culture. We can see Runtz grown by the acre for the early summer light-dep harvest. We have search data on Glues, and sales data on Cakes and Cookies that backs up what expert growers and dispensary buyers in the field say is happening. And we have our own subject matter experts staying close to the plant—donning PPE to shop in legal stores and walk the weed beat for our readers.

Amid a heated, maddening summer, millions of cannabis lovers turn to the plant for sleep, healing, lifting mood, opening the mind, and as a form of travel. Cannabis can help generate empathy.

Cannabis in 2020 is also a respite from all the craziness of the year—a Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory-esque riverboat ride of colors, textures, smells, tastes, and effects that shows no sign of slowing.

So here it is, Leafly’s definitive, market-making, 10ish Strains of Summer 2020—the perfect compliment to however you’re going to be spending it: sheltering, loving, living, chilling. Probably a little of all of it, let’s be fair.


Brace yourselves, the summer of Runtz is upon us. (Courtesy Cookies)

Runtz up yo’ life! This purplelicious, sweet, chill, candy strain from the minority-run Cookies has been surging the past three years to hit a new high note with the ‘Obama Runtz’ meme of 2020.

Look for acres of the pretty, runty indica-dominant hybrid of Zkittlez and Gelato to tumble down the Humboldt hills this summer as light dep; plus, more from the national indoor scene: White Runtz, Pink Runtz, Insane Runtz.

“A lot of Runtz and a lot of MAC. A lot. A lot,” said Neil Dellacava, a leading dispensary buyer, and indoor farmer at Gold Seal. “And I’m really wondering who’s going to label it with Papaya Runtz and Peach Runtz and whatever they label it these days.”

A 2019 Emerald Cup win, plus the hip-hop and social media marketing masters at Cookies have driven a frenzy of Runtz interest.

“Shout out to the kids making the Runtz wave happen in the streets,” said Ned Fussell, operator of the Farmer and the Felon flower brand in Santa Rosa, CA. This summer, Farmer and the Felon is laser-focused on harvesting mucho Runtz and Lemon Kush Mints, two of the hypest flavors of 2020.

“I think Runtz is great, but it really comes down to the cultivator,” said Anna Willey, CEO of the four-time award-winning CAM indoor farm of Sacramento, CA. “It’s tough to grow and yields small.”

See also: Connected’s Gushers, and Now and Later; Copperstate Farms’ Z Cube; DNA Genetics’ Zrawberries; and Orange Zkittlez from Emerald Family Farms.

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Published: June 18, 2020

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