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B-Real & Xzibit reveal how covid-19 has changed their lives — & weed habits

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EXCLUSIVE – Cypress Hill’s B-Real, Xzibit and Los Angeles-based rapper Demrick — collectively known as Serial Killers — put out their most recent album Summer Of Sam in October as the COVID-19 pandemic continued its stronghold on America.

Sewn together in roughly six months, the 12-track project includes songs such as “Before The Streets,” “Quarantine” and “War In The Streets,” which not only speak to the raging pandemic but also the civil unrest that erupted across the country following the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain.

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, B-Real and Xzibit spoke about these unprecedented times and how Summer of Sam serves as the perfect time capsule for 2020. They also opened up about the profound effects COVID-19 has had on their careers and simple day-to-day activities — like smoking weed.

B-Real, who’s permanently tethered to the cannabis industry through his stacked discography with Cypress Hill and Dr. Greenthumb dispensaries in Los Angeles, has had to make some adjustments to his smoking habits.

“We’re taking less things for granted and trying to be safer about the things we do and how we go about doing shit,” he says of adjusting to the CDC’s safety guidelines. “As a stoner, on the smallest form, we stopped passing our joints around. Here at B-Real TV, we roll our own and smoke our own joints. When you’re in a situation where you work with a bunch of people, especially in the cannabis community, cannabis is communal.

“What we’re all trained in our minds to do is share the fucking weed, so we pass joints around. But there’s always some grimy son of a bitch who’s never going to tell you that he’s sick because they got FOMO and they don’t want to miss out on that shit, so I’ve adopted a new rule — roll your own because you ain’t going to hit mine [laughs].  I’ll even share mine, you just have to roll your own. But just little things like that, because I know that even if I’m not someone that the virus affects, I know people that it would and I want to be responsible for them. I can’t be selfish and it be about me.”

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Published: November 29, 2020

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