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A girl scout sold 300 boxes of cookies outside a marijuana dispensary

The San Diego Girl Scout council is currently investigating whether or not she actually broke any rules.

Cookie season is an intense time for the Girl Scouts who will often stop at nothing to get a leg up on the competition and sell as many boxes as possible. This year, one inspired scout from San Diego was able to sell over 300 boxes of cookies in just six hours by setting up shop outside of a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary called Urbn Leaf.

Taking advantage of stoners as they re-upping their stash and battle the munchies is a pretty baller move and even Urbn Leaf employees had to recognize the young entrepreneurs game. After discovering her outside-the-stash-box box selling tactics, the weed shop posted a photo of the girl holding boxes of the delicious cookies with the caption: “Get some Girl Scout Cookies with your GSC today until 4pm!” The unofficial partnership proved beneficial for both parties, as the Girl Scout sold hundreds of boxes with little effort while Urbn Leaf got some great publicity for their store.

But while most have credited the young girl for her entrepreneurial spirit, others, including the Girl Scouts of America, are wondering whether or not this brilliant tactic was a violation of the Girl Scout rules for selling cookies. Girl Scouts are only allowed to sell at “approved sites”, which, shockingly, do not include pot dispensaries. According to the New York Post, the San Diego Girl Scout council is currently investigating whether or not the brilliant young cookie monger actually broke any rules.

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Published: March 15, 2020

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