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A first for CA cannabis: San Diego cannabis lab opens new location with first-ever annual license

San Diego news media visit Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs’ state-of-the-art laboratory in Southern California earlier this month.

This San Diego-based cannabis testing lab company has been awarded with the first testing lab annual license for their new headquarters in the state of California.

Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs (InfiniteCAL), a full-service analytical testing lab for the cannabis hemp industries, has just announced the opening of their new San Diego-based headquarters. The facility stands at an impressive 16,000 square feet and boasts the title of the state’s first annual license for testing labs in the state of California.

As one of the largest testing facilities in the state, InfiniteCAL’s new headquarters was specifically built with additional upgraded suites dedicated to each set of testing instruments and will accommodate independent spaces for all analysis services the team offers. The new facility will also feature a biosafety level (BSL 2) microbial room to align with industry standards for assurance against cross contamination issues. 

“InfiniteCAL is proud that our hard work is being rewarded with receiving the first annual testing license from California’s Department of Cannabis Control. I want to thank the team for the work they’ve put in over the years to make this lab the one that sets the bar for the industry,” said Josh Swider, CEO of Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs. “The move to the new facility will allow InfiniteCAL to expand its workflow and research capabilities with new instruments and increasing staff. InfiniteCAL is continuing to grow and open labs across the country; the most recent state under way is Arizona, and we have plans to announce a fourth location by the end of 2022.”

This is the company’s third move in three years, showcasing their exponential growth with their new facility positioned to increase the company’s customer intake three times over and create up to 200 new jobs for California residents. 

The new location in San Diego is the largest and latest addition to the company’s growing portfolio of testing labs in the US. In 2020, the company opened up their Jackson, Michigan-based lab, and last year became the first in the country to receive a full Colorado hemp testing lab certification. Soon, Colorado will begin requiring hemp products to be tested for 106 pesticides, compared to 13 pesticides for regulated cannabis. While Colorado is the only state with these regulations at the moment, states like California and New York are considering an overhaul of testing requirements as well. Once the US is able to increase testing for both hemp and cannabis products across the country, this could mean big things for the cannabis and hemp industries – not to mention increased access for patients and consumers to clean, safe products.

In a recent press release announcing the grand opening, Swider said that the new facility “will allow us to reflect the quality of work we are doing to ensure honest and accurate testing results through ethical and science-backed processes.” 

The InfiniteCAL team places safety, honesty and transparency at the forefront of their operations, offering advice to consumers on how to spot untrustworthy brands on the dispensary shelves and regularly advocating for checks and balances in the cannabis industry. Lab shopping for potency analysis is one topic that the InfiniteCAL team regularly discuss with their clients as the practice has become more prevalent with the increasing demand for high-potency products over the last few years. 

As federal legalization approaches, testing labs like InfiniteCAL are diversifying their portfolios to match the exponential demand and growth of the cannabis market. According to Global Market Insights, the cannabis testing market was valued at $1 Billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $2.44 Billion by 2027. This projected market growth will improve cannabis and hemp products for consumers and help businesses best prepare for federal legalization. 

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Written by: Cassandra Dowell

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