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A California-based company as released chewing cannabis

A new cannabis company, Cannadips, is selling a line of chewable cannabis pouches modeled after old fashioned chewing tobacco, or snus. Composed of monk fruit, essential oils, and a dry cannabis tincture enclosed in a small coconut fiber pouch, the cannabinoids absorb through the mouth’s lining and directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver altogether, allowing for a faster high that also doesn’t last as long.

Cannadips is selling its snus in three flavors: American, Citrus, and Mint, each of which come in both THC and CBD varieties. In order to create snus that could absorb through the mouth, the normally very oily cannabis had to dissolve in water. The fact that Cannadips was able to create water-dispersible cannabis is somewhat of a chemical feat, says founder Case Mandel.

“The cannabinoids in cannabis are fat soluble. So generally to intake these products, they need to either be combusted, which has a harmful effect, or get combined into food products and are eaten,” Mandel explained to Green Entrepreneur in an interview. “The problem with consuming things through the digestive system is that it goes through your liver and can be super psychoactive. In developing Cannadips, we were introduced to a couple of chemists who found a way to make the cannabinoids water-dispersible, meaning that they dispersed in liquid or saliva.”

Cannadips are such a close copy of chewing tobacco, that it’s easy to wonder if they might be able to be used by those trying to quit tobacco. In fact, that was the original idea, says Mandel, who was inspired by his youth as a California surfer.

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Published: March 21, 2019

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