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7 Things to keep in mind when using cannabis as a sleep aid

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Want to feel more rested during the day? Here are some things to keep in mind when using cannabis to help you clock in your eight hours.

Marijuana and sleep are great partners. While it takes some time to crack the code, once you do it, you’ll be having the most restful nights of your life. Just ask any friend who regularly smokes weed or that person who fell asleep in the middle of a party because the weed they smoked was a bit too relaxing.

Anecdotal evidence from people who have trouble sleeping shows how effective cannabis can be, helping users feel relaxed and allowing them to achieve hours of uninterrupted rest. Despite marijuana’s powerful sleep-inducing effects, it’s important to understand that the relationship between cannabis and sleep isn’t as clear-cut as so many believe it is. There are studies that have shown that prolonged marijuana use, or marijuana abuse, can interrupt people’s sleep habits and deteriorate them.

Here are 7 things you should keep in mind when using marijuana for sleep:


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The answer to this question depends on your approach to sleep. If you want immediate relief, THC is the way to go. It’s the compound that has long been linked with better sleep, knocking people out pretty quickly, especially if they don’t have too much of a tolerance for it. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, you should choose CBD. This element could help you battle anxiety and help you feel more relaxed, thus making it more likely for you to get sleep in the future.


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Dosage, along with your level of experience with marijuana, matters when it comes to using the herb before bed. If you smoke too little, you might feel no effects. If you smoke too much, you might find yourself tossing and turning with weed-induced paranoia. If it’s your first time using marijuana for sleep, try your best to create a relaxing environment and avoid overstimulating yourself with too much screen time or alcohol. Pace yourself with your marijuana intake and be aware of your body and its cues; that way you’re better equipped to jump into bed once it feels right.

Method Of Consumption

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The way in which you consume marijuana will affect how fast or intense your reaction will be. If you consume an edible, be sure to give your body a few hours to experience effects. If you’re vaping or smoking, there’s more control and less planning necessary.

Type Of Cannabis Matters

Pros And Cons Of Smoking CBD JointsPhoto by GRAS GRÜN via Unsplash

Whether you’re consuming a product that’s THC or CBD-based, or you’re consuming sativas or indicas, it’s important to know that all types of cannabis provide different effects. Indicas are the strains that tend to affect the body in relaxing and heavy ways, producing sleepy effects. Still, it doesn’t mean that a sativa strain or a hybrid won’t make you feel sleepy. Marijuana is a trial and error type of substance; try different options and keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

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Published: January 25, 2022

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