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3 Bros Grow Vertically Integrated Sustainable Cannabis Facility

3 Bros Grow announces sustainable vertically integrated cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, processing and distribution.
Santa Cruz, CA, August 27, 2020 –(– 3 Bros Grow Vertically Integrated Sustainable Cannabis Facility

The 3 Bros Grow, a vertically integrated cannabis company, is moving into their first phase of a new facility in Santa Cruz, CA. The facility is being brought online in phases and will have cultivation capacity of 10,000 lbs. of top shelf indoor cannabis. The site will also include manufacturing, edibles, processing, packaging, and distribution.

The cultivation will allow increased capacity of some of the 3 Bros Grow exclusive strains Lucky #7, Cherry Bomb, Grease Monkey and Chocolatina with some new genetics in the works.

The facility will include solvent-less and CO2 manufacturing for full spectrum and plant derived smokable and consumable products. Phase 2 of the facility will include a full “edibles” line which will be focused on whole plant extract or full spectrum edibles.

When completed, Phase two will allow 3 Bros to expand into all categories of cannabis production to serve customers in all consumable markets.

Processing, packaging, and distribution of 3 Bros products will be consolidated at the site to allow scaled operations and increased capacity. All 3 Bros products are always packaged using the most sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging available. Some of their packaged options include hemp-based plastics and compostable bags, and they continuously strive to find the best options available.

All irrigation of crops is achieved by using the 3 Bros proprietary water collection technology which allows using no outside water for plant irrigation. The irrigation system creates a climate positive water impact.

CO2 supplementation will be achieved with proprietary Direct Air Capture. Plants will receive CO2 that has been captured and concentrated from the atmosphere at the site. This will allow cannabis biomass increase through an environmentally positive process.

An always on carbon-negative microgrid is being designed and will be implemented to allow a lower cost of operation as well as a climate positive impact. The facility will include EV powered delivery vehicles which will deliver product to dispensaries and consumers in the region.

“At 3 Bros Grow we focus on our exclusive cannabis genetics and strains, cultivating them as well as manufacturing, packaging and delivering our high quality cannabis products to the consumer at an affordable price. Our packaged products use materials such as hemp plastics, compostable packaging, and other environmentally friendly packaging. This new site will enable us to better serve our customers and the industry. We plan on setting the standard in sustainability for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, processing and distribution.” – Tyler Smith CEbrO of 3 Bros Grow

“Our proprietary systems and technologies don’t use any outside water for our cultivation which creates a lower cost of operation as well as a positive impact to the environment. Our facility will be powered by a carbon negative microgrid when combined with our Direct Air Capture technology we will literally be sequestering CO2 in our cultivation and manufacturing processes. We want to show sustainability in vertical agriculture can be achieved, is profitable, is good for the planet and good for people.” – Bill Shevlin CoCEO 3 Bros

About 3 Bros

Tyler Smith, CEBrO, Mark Taylor, COO and Russel Smith, CMO of have been around the cannabis business for over 30 years and have had a legal cannabis business since the beginning of prop 215 and prop 64. The original 3 Bros Grow facility for was one of the first legal operations in Monterey County and the state of California. In addition to the cultivation facility is the 3 Bros microbusiness which includes a dispensary, extraction, manufacturing, cultivation and distribution. 3 Bros are in over 200 dispensaries in California and are currently being asked to expand into other states to duplicate their vertically integrated profitable business model.

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