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14 Cool Women In Cannabis Who Are Making A Difference

Goldleaf recently chatted with fourteen impactful women in the cannabis space. We asked each of them to elaborate on what exactly it means to be an influential woman in the world of cannabis and to share some of the ways they are inspiring other women.
The answers we received varied widely, although a number of common themes emerged. Below are their responses, broken down into nine ways these influential women are making a major difference in other’s lives.

Strengthening Women in the Cannabis Industry

Liv Vasquez, Livvie Smalls Events

Liv Vasquez

“I love knowing that I can influence people to empower themselves with knowledge. Knowing more about your rights, your body, your options…that can open a lot of doors for anyone. I present that information in the most beautiful way possible to make it feel more attainable. My beautiful events, plates, and education have encouraged so many women to have their own relationship with plant medicine. I use my platform to showcase brands that are ethical in regards to product and how they treat the women who work for them.I have also had an opportunity to empower other women who work in cannabis by helping to lead the Time’s Up movement into the cannabis space. I get messages daily from womxn who have left the industry or who are facing challenges that might make them want to leave the industry, and I empower and encourage them, hoping to bring more womxn into or back into this space. Creating and encouraging safe spaces for women is how I hope to affect other women.”

Mia Jane, Creator / Educator / Advocate

Mia Jane
Photo credit: o5 Creative Labs

“I have worked hard to be an influential woman in the cannabis space by educating consumers on products, connecting businesses with lasting customers, and creating successful professional relationships with quality brands. Through my years of experience, I have been able to build opportunities for other females to advance their careers and have spoken up on numerous occasions about the importance of women being treated equally in the workplace. When women work together, incredible things happen and I always want to support my fellow women of weed whenever I can.”

Uplifting Women

Cait Curley, Entrepreneur / Artist / Activist

Cait Curley
Photo courtesy of Cait Curley

“Being a woman of influence in the cannabis space comes with important responsibilities. It’s imperative that I give accurate information and share crucial updates that can further the industry for the better. Aside from cannabis, I also try to incorporate meaningful and inspiring content. When women reach out to me and say, “Wow, I really needed to hear that today” or “I didn’t know that, I will try it to better my health,” it means the world to me. It gives me confidence that I am making a difference and affecting people positively. To me, being influential means showing leadership, positive intention, and integrity in how I represent myself and the industry both publicly and privately.”

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Published: May 24, 2020

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