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10 excellent Asian American cannabis products to try today

The past year has been, for me and many others, a deep rumination on gratitude. Grateful to be alive, grateful for my loved ones, grateful I get to engage with quality cannabis in all its forms on a regular basis. Work from home orders and a new “essential” status mean a lot more people are smoking, eating, vaping, and eating at home, incorporating herb into their daily rituals and routines rather than waiting for the weekend. These rituals can be packing a bowl of, say, Grape Pie at lunch, smoking a dog-walker mini-joint on a neighborhood stroll, or spiking your morning omelet with infused umami oil or Sriracha.

As California reopens, let’s keep advancing. 2020 showed how cannabis was essential to the whole country, yet it highlighted shortcomings in diversity, sustainability, and equity. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and much of what we know as California culture is owed to these communities’ contributions. In fact, today’s strains often descend from landrace plants in India, Pakistan, China, and Thailand. California is the American ganja epicenter, informed by generations of immigration and collaboration between cultures and communities. Asian American pot operators defy the cliche that they don’t partake, that cannabis is deviant, that they don’t belong in the industry.

“There’s a lot of stigma, especially with the elderly [AAPI community],” says Jessica Sharp, Co-Founder of conscious entertainment company Nouera and recently launched brand Smallz. “We received a lot of aggression, but behind closed doors, people were asking for recommendations. Part of the responsibility of Asian Americans is to destigmatize cannabis. It’s been used as medicine in Asia for thousands of years, but that history has been so oppressed in the community.”

What better time to clip that oppression in the bud? Try these stand-out THC experiences from six leading AAPI-owned brands. Leafly got the lowdown from the kickass individuals behind them.

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Published: May 27, 2021

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